Another academic year comes to a close and it’s a time of reflection and then planning for the future. In my February blog I noted a “top 10” list of aspects of SCCC/ATS, so I thought I’d use that same concept in reflecting and planning.

During the 2010-2011 academic year we were recognized as one of the top 50 community colleges in the nation; we received a $3.25M federal grant to establish new technical programs; we had the largest graduating class in college history (nearly 380 students); our baseball and tennis teams made it to the national tournament; Darin Workman was named national tennis coach of the year; we completed a long range college land and facility use plan; Kelsey Cook was selected as a Frank Newman national award recipient for her work as a student involved in service learning; Elva Morales was selected as one of four recipients as an American Association of Community College outstanding alumni; and Gary Damron and Janette Vargas were named outstanding faculty and graduating student respectively. These and other accomplishments (individual and college wide) truly reflect a year of significant reward for diligence and commitment to our college mission of improving the life of each individual.

The 2011-2012 academic year will be upon on soon and with that new year we will be facing new challenges and recognizing new achievements. Our Board and representatives of faculty, staff, and administration recently held a planning retreat to establish annual goals for the upcoming year. Those goals are in the refinement process as we finalize the strategies, responsibilities, and resource needs to attain those annual goals and progress toward our college strategic plan. The goals that were identified for the next year will address strengthening alumni relations; improving the perception of community colleges and technical education; improving the effectiveness of our website; improving student advising and recruitment; and strengthening industry partnerships. We are well on our way toward addressing these concepts and I am confident that next year I can write about great achievements once again here at SCCC/ATS. So, as the old saying states, “stay tuned”!