Classes began last week and I was able to briefly participate in welcome day activities with new first-time students. After a short welcome I watched them participate in several activities designed to help them become acquainted with each other and with our college. I enjoyed observing their enthusiasm, energy, and excitement about meeting new people and learning about what it takes to be successful.

I was also invited to participate in the Kansas Board of Regents retreat held at Johnson County Community College last week. It was the first day of classes at JCCC and I was able to see that same level of enthusiasm, energy, and commitment from their students and employees as classes began. Although a much larger college than Seward, the individual student at JCCC was there for the same purpose – improving his/her life and progressing toward educational and career goals.

The semester ahead will present challenges – course work, schedules, committees, reports, deadlines, activities, etc. – all of which can drain our energy and excitement; however, we need to take the occasional moment to reflect on why we are here, and the end result of goal attainment that awaits us as the year progresses.

As our theme for professional development states - “You’ve got what it takes!”, and we all have what it takes to have a great year ahead.