Iíve finally ventured further inside the world of social media by launching my Facebook page. Although Iíve had a Twitter account for nearly a year, Iíve been wary of getting on Facebook for a number of reasons. Among those are the comments from others about how time consuming (or time addicting) it can be, the type of posts that people may place on your ďwallĒ, and the issues of privacy that may be lost through posting and messages. However, with the help of JR Doney, our director of marketing, I decided to launch my page and itís been remarkable to have students, former students, employees, and personal friends connect almost instantly.

My page is listed under my name but also as SewardPres. Iím hoping to use the SewardPres page as a means of connecting with alumni and college supporters to promote the many great things in which our college is involved. Iím learning the nuances of being on Facebook and Iím pretty confident Iíll never get the total skill of using it that so many of my ďFacebook FriendsĒ seem to manage. My purpose will not be to promote the everyday aspects of my life nor even those social aspects Iíve seen posted on some pages, but rather to promote our college, share insight into whatís happening from my position as president, hopefully promote our college activities, and certainly keep our alumni informed.

I often joke about my lack of desire to be fully ďtechnologically connectedĒ but Iím quickly learning it is a reality of communication. I have business associates who are connected through LinkedIn. I have personal friends who are connected through Facebook. I follow some former students and business associates through Twitter. All of these connections truly result in a shrinking world Ė and that is one common aspect of higher education Ė a realization and appreciation of our world.

During the past several weeks our administrative team and information technology leaders have been working on revisions to our collegeís computing resource use policy. That policy didnít address social media and we realized that those who use the collegeís resources for social media use may place the college in jeopardy. Issues have arisen across the nation in relation to the use of corporate and college/university resources for social media Ė and some of those cases have placed that company or institution in a negative situation. Itís typically been the result of someone who implies he or she is representing that company or institution, but other issues of liability have been brought to the forefront as well. The rapid use and expansion of social media has escalated faster than institutions were prepared with policies and procedures which protect that institution.

I invite you to follow me on Twitter (@SewardPres) or Facebook (SewardPres). I may not check in hourly but I do try to get on at least daily. Iíll soon be posting photos and hopefully videos about SCCC/ATS. We have several SCCC/ATS related pages on Facebook including Saints Bookstore, Fine Arts, Drama, Crusader, SGA, and CIS to name a few. Check in on those pages, like them, friend them, post on their walls, and add them to your own page Ė and recognize that college social media sites are established to encourage, promote, and strengthen our college.

I remain a little cautious but Iím making that transition, so please be patient with me as I venture further inside this brave new world of social media.