Recently we were recognized by the publication Washington Monthly as one of the top community colleges in the U.S. SCCC/ATS was ranked #33 according to their selection process. The author of the article, Mr. Kevin Carey, used information from a national survey administered by the University of Texas entitled the Community College Survey of Student Engagement (CCSSE) and the graduation rates reported to the US Dept. of Education through the IPEDS reporting system. The CCSSE survey provides information from students regarding their level of satisfaction with their academic advising, their academic rigor, their access to support, their interaction with faculty and staff, and their level of self preparation for classes, labs, assignments, and projects. The IPEDS graduation data is based on the percentage of community college graduates who transfer to a four year college/university and graduate with a bachelor’s degree within 2 years after transferring.

It is an honor and a point of pride for us to be recognized for what we sincerely believe is a strength of SCCC/ATS – the personal relationship with our students. It is exactly that relationship that we value and recognize as a significant component to student success. Our faculty and staff are committed to providing support toward student success, and this recognition by a national publication is validation of the impact on our students’ lives that can be provided by SCCC/ATS because of their commitment.

The full article in the Washington Monthly can be found on the web at Mr. Carey provides further information and perspective on the strength of community colleges as an integral aspect of the American education system, and details on his methodology for compiling the “top 50” list of community colleges.