The summer is going by quickly. It came to my realization just how quickly when I realized that the first day of classes is in 5 weeks. We are now holding enrollment days and the students, family members, and friends who are attending seem to be getting the assistance they need to start classes this fall. I truly appreciate the assistance provided these students by our advisors who take time to meet individually with the student and assist with insuring that proper classes are recommended based on the student's interest and academic background.

The fact that these prospective students are embarking on a very significant aspect in life certainly can bring a realization of our responsibility. SCCC/ATS has always taken pride in being a student centered college and we recognize that the students are the first aspect of any decision we make. Recent activities related to developing a 2010-2017 strategic plan indicated that we value excellence, teamwork, operational integrity, a caring atmosphere, dedication to our mission, and performance accountability. All of those are factors that are vital to student success. Those values equate to quality instruction leading to successful transfer and matriculation toward bachelor degree program, immediate successful career employment, and/or appropriate short term programs for workforce development.

Recent economic circumstances require our populace to consider the ability to retain employment, seek advanced employment, and consider new careers. The instruction we can provide includes aspects of critical thinking and decision making which should enable the student to make adjustments in their lives and careers. That same aspect of making decisions applies to our college’s operation – we must make adjustments in order to be effective, efficient, and address the college mission.

Fall semester is definitely just around the corner, and the new students will bring excitement, energy, and ultimately achievement toward their goals. Our responsibility is to meet their expectations and assist them in achieving those goals.