Recent information produced by the Kansas Department of Labor verifies that SCCC/ATS provides educational opportunities directly related to the top 10 employment needs in Kansas and in 13 of the top 15 occupational demands in western Kansas. The highest priority need is in registered nurses with practical nurses and health aides also among the list of high demand employment needs. Additionally, industrial programs offered at SCCC/ATS which provide education for employment in truck driving, accounting, carpentry, welding, community corrections, retail sales and medical assistants meet non-health high need occupations.

The full-list provided by the Department of Labor rates occupations based on short term and long term projections from employers and job vacancy announcements monitored by the department. Using a research model of those three elements the department is able to determine immediate and long range employment needs and annual employment earnings by each category. The annual wage earnings for registered nurses in Kansas exceeds $52,000, for welders is $35,000, for corrections offers in western Kansas the annual earnings exceed $40,000 and for truck drivers is close to $40,000.

During a time of economic anxiety, an affordable opportunity to obtain a career with significant earning potential is an important benefit of attending SCCC/ATS. Our “go green, save green” campaign emphasizes the affordability of attending our college. Whether the student chooses to transfer to a baccalaureate degree university or to enter the workforce immediately after graduation, the choice to attend Seward has never been more economically sound. A relatively low investment (approximately $7,000 per year) can lead to employment with significant annual earnings exceeding $35,000 – that’s a great return on investment.
SCCC/ATS has launched a new informational campaign “Go Green, Save Green”. As with any marketing and promotional concept the phrase is intended to draw a person’s attention; however, this informational campaign has much deeper meaning than just gaining attention.

This is a time when education is perhaps more critical than any other time in history. The opportunity for individuals to have a secure financial future with options to adapt to changes in careers, with options to be innovative with new technology, and with options to enjoy the cultural aspects that we consider important for quality lives is dependent upon one’s educational background and experiences. Certainly it is not a requirement to have a post-secondary education in order to find employment or even to own one’s individual business, but the odds are certainly more favorable with increased technical, social, business, and cultural knowledge. The earning power of an individual who has at least some level of post-secondary education beyond high school is evident in the US Department of
Labor studies. As the saying goes –“the more you learn, the more you earn”.

It is that concept that makes “Go Green, Save Green” a unique identity for SCCC/ATS. Our school colors are green so the “go green” statement is self-explanatory. The “save green” is also somewhat unique in that the cost of attaining a career certificate and/or associate degree at Seward is among the lowest cost of any college in Kansas. Additionally, the savings realized by completing an associate degree and then transferring to a university is substantial. Our staff have reviewed the costs to complete a bachelor’s degree at public and private universities in Kansas and Oklahoma and they have found that transferring an associate degree from Seward will save the student (or parent) more than $12,000. That’s an important consideration in today’s economy.

Secure improved opportunities for a career, learn more about the world, expand your cultural experiences, expand your technical knowledge and save some money while you’re doing it. It is a great time to “Go Green, Save Green”.