I’m sure you’ve either seen the SW Daily Times article or heard on the radio by now that SWKTS will merge with SCCC on July 1. That’s not exactly how the recommendation was presented to the USD 480 Board of Education. The recommendation was that USD 480 will pursue a merger and that a plan would be presented to our Board and the Board of Education in March, with a goal of July 1, 2007 as merger date. The recommendation still requires both Boards to accept the plan. I felt it important that you know the recommendation did allow for time to make the decision – regardless of the article/radio articles.

I’ve asked Randy Smith and Jon Armstrong to begin a review of our student ambassador program. I don’t think we fully utilize the resources for this program, and we need to do a better job of providing students with some leadership experiences, as well as promoting SCCC. The program has not had a formal review for several years – even the handbook needs updated – and a lot of new activities are available to the students. I think the ambassador program is a wonderful opportunity for students, so I think we can realize a better chance for involvement. I’ll keep you informed as we progress with the review. Please remember to utilize this program, and if you’re unfamiliar with it, visit with Jon or Dr. Smith.

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I apologize that I won’t be able to be at the All-Staff meeting Thursday afternoon. I had changed the date in order to allow an opportunity to attend Steve Williams’ funeral and as a result I am going to be out of town for this meeting.

However, there are a couple of items on the agenda that I wanted to provide some background information prior to the meeting. As you may recall we discussed the concept of how to create more institutional ownership in the enrollment decline and create a way for every one of us to be more involved in recruiting. One of the ways that can be done is through the development of “recruiting teams”. The idea first developed in our CQI committee, was further defined through the IMPACT and Enrollment Management committees. Dr. Smith will be discuss the initiative with you at the all-staff meeting – and the underlying intent is to provide each of us, as SCCC employees, and opportunity to help communicate with prospective students, participate in local community events, etc. without creating a lot of extra work for any one individual or department. That participation may be attending a local high school “basketball night”, it might be representing SCCC at an area Chamber event; it may be e-mailing a prospective student inviting them to campus; it may be writing a note to a student who visited campus telling them “thanks” for visiting and encouraging them to enroll; it may be simply saying hi to a group from a local high school who is making a campus visit. The “team” concept is to try and create more of a connection with our area high schools and communities while also providing you with a way to be involved in which you feel comfortable. I believe Dr. Smith will distribute the team information tomorrow and provide more details at the meeting, but I did want to give you a bit of a perspective on how the concept was developed.

The second item, and Cynthia will discuss this tomorrow, is the next “Quick Fix” input. As you may remember, we submitted “quick fix” cards last January during our AQIP Conversation Day. That allowed you to write on a card one idea that could be fixed at SCCC that would help us be more effective. As an example, several suggestions were made about the clocks; some were about clarifying policies; some were about facilities, etc. We continue to address those “quick fixes” and work towards resolving those suggestions. As we enter 2007 it is important to continue with that initiative – so Cynthia will be asking you to write new “quick fixes” on cards at the meeting tomorrow. Please keep in mind that these are to be ideas/recommendations on things that can be “fixed” relatively quickly.

Enjoy the meeting –you’ll get information on the latest news on SCCC athletics and an update on what is going on at the Colvin Center.

Don’t forget the meeting is in the theater – not the conference rooms.
I promise this is my last message about purchasing auction tickets.

I truly appreciate the work so many of you have provided to making the auction a success – from purchasing tickets to making/buying/coordinating items to be sold during the auction. It’s the extra “1-degree” which you commit that allows for students to attend SCCC.

It is my understanding that several more individuals have purchased tickets this week, and that is also very much appreciated. However, we are still below our estimated attendance compared to last year.

With rising costs more students are dependent upon some type of scholarship funds in order to begin classes here – plus they need help each year. As we realize we have a growing population of first generation students, and students from families that may not have thought their children could attend college so didn’t plan financially for those costs – we know we’ll need to provide scholarships, etc. to attract and retain those students. Additionally, as we are encouraged to consider adding another sport or activity, those students will expect scholarships in order to participate. All of those scholarships come from increased giving to the Foundation. Your participation certainly means a lot to those individuals not associated with SCCC – if they know you participate they are more likely to participate and contribute as well.

So. . . that concludes my lecture presentation for the fall. Thanks again for your support of the auction, and if you haven’t yet bought your tickets you do still have some time.

See you Saturday evening – (I understand there is a football autographed by Coach Edwards of the KC Chiefs that will be on the auction – keep that in mind)
Thank you to everyone that supported the Foundation Auction Saturday evening – whether you contributed an items, purchased a ticket, bought something at the auction, provided a ticket for someone else to attend, helped with setup and cleanup, . . . Everything you did allowed the evening to be quite successful. We don’t have all final figures in but it appeared to a great success.

If you see any of the students that performed please tell them what a great job they did. And our presidential scholars and ambassadors that spent part of Friday and Saturday setting up and cleaning up – as well as helping during the auction did a super job – let them know.

Thanks again
The “three saints” team won 2nd place in Saturday’s KSCB chili contest. I’ve attached some pictures of their display. (Joe may share with you the secret to his recipe – or it may be highly classified document since I have been told it was developed while he was in the military – but the smoky flavor was a hit)

Great job – and thanks for promoting SCCC with a great showing at the event.

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On Tuesday, Oct. 3, Dr. Jerry Farley, President of Washburn University will be on campus for a short visit. He is my guest at Rotary that day, and he’s agreed to spend time in the afternoon to visit with any of you or with any students who may be considering attending Washburn.

I’ll send you more detailed information as I get everything scheduled, but I thought you might want to inform your advisees, etc.