Seward County Community College will present “One Survivor Remembers: An Evening with Holocaust Survivor Gerda Weissmann Klein” at 8 p.m., Tuesday, Nov. 13, in the showcase theater. This will be a live web broadcast presentation of Klein as she discusses information related to her experience as a survivor of the Nazi holocaust. The presentation, hosted by MAGPI K20, is free to the public. Klien received an Oscar award from the Academy of Motion Pictures for a documentary based on her life,.
MAGPI K20 describes Klein’s life as one of bravery, determination, and strength. “In 1939, 15-year-old Gerda Weissmann Klein’s life would change forever as German troops invaded her home in Beilsko, Poland. This day would be forever ingrained in her memory, as it was the last time she would ever see her family. Never losing hope, Klein would spend the next three years in a succession of slave-labor camps, until she was forced to walk in a 350-mile death march in which 2,000 women were subjected to exposure, starvation, and arbitrary execution. Despite such atrocities, Klein never lost the will to survive. Klein’s account of living through the Holocaust is documented in her classic autobiography, All But My Life, in print for 46 years in 57 editions. It was the foundation for the Oscar Winning HBO Documentary One Survivor Remembers.”
SCCC is pleased to make this program available to the public as part of the International Education Week activities. Program participants may have the ability to submit questions to Klein during the presentation. For additional information, visit the MAGP K20 website at