The Seward County Community College baseball team is beginning their sixth year of involvement with the Big Brothers & Big Sisters of Seward, Haskell and Stevens Counties organization. The Saints have scheduled eight major events with BBBS for 2007-2008, which includes all 30 players on their current roster, with the little brothers and little sisters of the organization.

The first outing the Saints had with BBBS was on Sept. 9, when they cooked hotdogs and fished at Tucker Lake with approximately 10 little brothers/little sisters. This first outing was done in conjunction with the Director of the Pass It On Mentor Program of Kansas, Mr. Mike Christiansen. The Pass It On program works closely with BBBS to provide mentors for the purpose of teaching and promoting outdoor activities such as fishing, hunting, trap shooting, etc. The Saints players and all the little brothers/little sisters enjoyed their first outing and are looking forward to the rest of the school year’s activities.

- September 9 Fishing & Hot Dogs at Tucker Lake
- September 29 Baseball & Pizza at Brent Gould Field
- October 24 Trap Shoot at Gun Range
- November 27 Swimming Pool Party at SCCC Pool
- Spring 2008 Tour of the Air Museum
- Spring 2008 BBBS Recognition Night at SCCC Basketball Games
- Spring 2008 Bowling Party at AYR Lanes
- Spring 2008 Whiffle Ball Game at Brent Gould Field