Seward County Community College is the recipient $1,188,195 CampusEAI Hosted Oracle Portal Grant.
This five-year portal grant will provide all members of the campus community with "single-sign-on" to their integrated teaching and learning interests, student services, and extra-curricular parts of campus life, said Mark Merrihew, director of information technology. It will serve students, staff, faculty, alumni and all other stakeholders of the institution's environment. The Portal extends the functionality and investments of existing legacy campus technology systems and integrates current applications, such as email, calendaring, learning management and alumni systems, with future internet applications.
This grant will
* provide web access to information and services through a single graphical interface;
* support a single log-on to obtain authentication and authorization to information resources and applications;
* provide a framework where elements of the institution, such as academic, administrative and community can be integrated;
* provide a framework where business applications can be integrated;
* provide a convenient set of communications services, which are web-based;
* provide a one-stop place where members of the campus community can perform business transactions;
* limit or expand the presentation of information and access to services on an individual basis; and
* provide each member of the community with the ability to customize the appearance, layout and information content on an individual basis.
The grant includes installation, training and testing during the spring and summer sessions. The portal will go live for the fall 2007 semester.