Following a 42 inning weekend of baseball, the Seward County Saints Baseball team took some time to relax Sunday evening at Tucker Lake in Liberal, joining up with Big Brothers/Big Sisters for a night of fishing with local youth. A stable of youngsters grabbed their fishing poles and teamed up with the Saints on the dock, catching fish after fish with smiles that lit up the evening sky.

It didn’t take long for the Saints and the little’s to connect out on the dock as the Sunday sun began to go down. “A lot of us were fortunate enough as kids to be able to do things like this with our family” said Seward sophomore Brandon Rix. “Many of these little guys and girls that we got to spend tonight with, might never have been given that same opportunity” he continued. There were a number of little’s that reeled in their first fish on Sunday, moments that certainly will never be forgotten with their new Saints friends. While there were constant debates on who should bait the hooks or get the fish off the line, from both the Saints and their little’s, the mood from both camps was exactly the same, that they both couldn’t have been happier to be right where they were with each other at that time. “This is my favorite things to do every year” one of the little’s said. “This is awesome!” another exclaimed. “I like going to the games and telling my friends from school that the Saints are my friends” one said. The Saints reciprocate the feelings of the little’s as Rix went on to say “to know how it feels to do things well on the baseball field and to know that we made these kids feel the same way tonight by giving a little bit of our time is priceless. This is one of the many things that I will really miss about Seward County when my playing days are done here”.

The event is the second of a number of scheduled get-togethers between the Saints Baseball team and the Big Brothers/Big Sisters organization this year. Earlier in the fall semester the Saints splashed around in the water at Adventure Bay Waterpark with the little’s and later on this year they are planning a pheasant hunt and day at the ballpark among many different activities for their new friends.

The Saints travel to Albuquerque this weekend for their first tournament of the fall before getting ready for All-Star Weekend held in Wichita September 20-21.