Do you know what it costs today for a student to attend Seward County Community College/Area Technical School?
The SCCC/ATS Foundation is conducting its annual drive and the Fund One campaign helps people better understand the cost of an education today.
Suggested giving levels for the FundOne campaign are:
Fund One Credit Hour, $50—Average price to enroll in one credit hour.  Most classes are three credit hours.

Fund One Book, $100—Average textbook price.
Fund One Class, $250—Average cost of one three-credit hour class and one book.
Fund One Semester of Books, $500—Books for five classes, each with one $100 textbook.
Fund One Semester of Tuition, $750—15 credit hours @ $50 each--the equivalent of one full-time semester.
Fund One Year of Tuition, $1,500—One year (two semesters) of full-time enrollment.
Fund One Career Certificate, $2,000—Career and technical programs average 40 credit hours @ $50 each.
Fund One Degree, $5,000—Tuition and books for a two-year Associate's degree.
Fund One Endowment, $10,000—Start a new endowment fund, which provides a perpetual source of scholarship support from investment income.
For information, contact the development office at 620-417-1131 or make a secure donation online at