If you haven’t heard about it yet, you might have been living under a rock for the past couple of days. Wednesday night, Seward County’s Trey Starks did about the only thing that could have been done to upstage Kansas Head Coach Bill Self’s presence in the stands of the Greenhouse. Starks who stands at a generous 5’11, elevated to the top of the square on the backboard to throw down a huge one handed tomahawk slam over the top of 6’2 Xavier Carter of Garden City to send the Seward faithful into an uproar. The play, which has already received over 1,050 hits on Youtube in less than 24 hours was named the #2 play on the most popular sports television show in the world SportsCenter Friday night.

Starks dunk was only outshined by a Lebron James dunk which garnered #1 honors, but even the anchors of the show took the time to throw another Starks reference in as one said “You know who else could have done that (speaking of the James dunk), second anchor responds “who” to which the first quickly says “Trey Starks”. To view the amazing slam, click the link below.