This weekend in the Greenhouse during the Billy’s/Days Inn Classic, the Seward County Lady Saints will be hosting the “Books 4 Bailey” paperback book drive. Fans are asked to bring paperback books, from picture books up to mid-level chapter books, to the games with them and put them in our collection boxes at the entrances.

The books will then be sent to Ethiopia to former Lady Saints basketball player Bailey Crandall, who is currently working and teaching there with the Peace Corps, where she will then distribute them throughout her community and stock their depleted libraries with them.
Crandall played for the Lady Saints from 2007-2009 before moving on and earning her Bachelor’s Degree from Newman University. She is now working with the Peace Corps and working as an English Teacher in Ethiopia and will remain there until August of 2013. She says that the children in her local community have nearly no fiction books to read and that the only thing that they have in their local libraries are text books. English is the second or third language for most of the children there, but as soon as they reach the 9th grade, all of their subjects are taught in English, which stresses the importance to help these youngsters advance their English proficiency before they reach that age.
Even if every person that comes to the Greenhouse this weekend for the games can donate just one book, it will make a significant difference in the lives of many children that are less fortunate. Please help support former Lady Saint Bailey Crandall this weekend by bringing paperback books to the Billy’s/Days Inn Classic and help show that Seward County Community College/Area Technical School doesn’t just care about our community, but the betterment of communities all over the world!