Seward County Community College/Area Technical School in Liberal, Kansas gives presidential scholarships to students at area high schools who have the highest GPA of those attending SCCC/ATS and are recommended by their school counselor or principal based on high academic ability, leadership, citizenship and moral character. These scholarships are limited to one student from each high school per year.
Rebekah Pewthers of Liberal is an SCCC/ATS freshman majoring in Nursing.
“Because of the presidential scholarship, I am very close to my family and the wonderful nursing school, which my mom attended over 20 years ago.”
“I feel very honored and privileged to be a presidential scholar. I plan to do my very best in my academics to make this school proud to have me as a presidential scholar. It also lifted a financial burden and made it easier to further my education.”
As a member of Student Government Association, she hopes to make a difference in the lives of other students on campus. She also plans to excel academically and be a witness for Christ. Upon graduation, she plans to work as a registered nurse in her uncle’s (Dr. Dennis Knudsen) office.
Sam Dillon, a sophomore from Satanta, has appreciated the scholarship and the honor of being one of the top students. Upon graduation, he plans to more to Graham, Texas where he has family so he can work in an auto body shop.
Shelby Paige Hansen, a freshman from Turpin, Okla., said the presidential scholarship allowed her to stay close to home and to play softball and participate in band. To maintain this honor, she said she has to keep her grades up and lead by example. She said she appreciates anyone who helped make this scholarship possible. This college helps her “reach further into my future at such a school that helps me do that so well.”
She plans to continue her education at a four-year university or the Air Force Academy.
Arely Dominguez of Plains is an SCCC/ATS freshman who plans to major in business. She said SCCC/ATS is a great college and the scholarship allowed her to stay close to home to receive an education. “It has been very important to me. I honestly never thought that I would receive it. It’s a great accomplishment for me.”
She is involved in the Hispanic American Leadership Organization and Student Support Services.
Someday she would like to work at a hair salon and maybe own her own salon some day.
Paige Eslick of Ulysses is an SCCC/ATS sophomore who said she was honored to be a presidential scholar. She was able to focus on her classes and not worry about her educational costs. She has enjoyed exploring her career interests and meeting new people.
Caleb Crawford of Texhoma, Okla., is a SCCC/ATS freshman majoring in Automotive Mechanics Technology. He would like to work for a car dealership upon graduation.
He said SCCC/ATS is a great school that is close to home with a good environment. He gives back to the community by helping others and being involved with school activities.
He said he is looking forward to going to state competition through SkillsUSA. He is currently class president, campus reporter and district reporter for SkillsUSA. Most recently he was selected for a state office. He will attend a state leadership conference to determine which office he will hold.
Kelsey Cook of Ulysses is an SCCC/ATS sophomore majoring in Nursing. She chose SCCC/ATS because of the excellent Nursing program.
“In my opinion, it is an honor to be a presidential scholar. It means I have worked hard to do well at school and it is paying off.
She has participate in the recycling project around campus, as well as volunteering as much as possible in all the “awesome activities that go on here. I’m looking forward to what this year will bring academically and socially.”
She is vice president of Student Government and secretary/treasurer of Phi Theta Kappa as well as the PTK representative to student government.
She is planning to get her bachelor’s degree in Nursing and then work for two years before applying to anesthesia school at Newman University.
Tyler Honeman of Hugoton is an SCCC/ATS sophomore majoring in Ag Business. He chose SCCC/ATS because it is close to the family farm and he can receive a great education.
“It means a lot to receive this scholarship and I am honored to have this opportunity. My graduation would be a great accomplishment for my family.”
Before taking over the family farm, he plans to continue his education at a four-year college.
Kelsey Darnell of Liberal said she “chose to attend SCCC/ATS because the school is close to home. I can save money at SCCC/ATS rather than by going to a four-year university and I can still receive a quality education. Being a presidential scholar is such an honor and an accomplishment of which I am very proud. Financial assistance is a great reward.”
She has helped with the SCCC/ATS Foundation Auction and participated in a variety of on-campus activities. She is the president of Phi Theta Kappa.
Darnell is a SCCC/ATS sophomore majoring in Accounting. She plans to transfer to Kansas State University in the spring to continue her education in Accounting.
Dana Loewen of Meade is an SCCC/ATS sophomore majoring in Journalism. “It’s an honor to be awarded the scholarship, and it helps so much for me to be able to pay for school and still get a quality education,” she said. “I want to represent the school in the best way I can and continue to excel in my classes and the other things I am involved in.”
“I most look forward to being an editor for the ‘Crusader’ this year. Because this is a smaller college, I have opportunities to try new things that I wouldn’t get to do at a large school.”
She is also a student ambassador and involved in Campus Messengers for Christ.
She plans to transfer to a four-year college and continue her education in journalism and French.
Kaitlyn Nickel of Turpin, Okla., is an SCCC/ATS sophomore who is becoming a Medical Assistant. SCCC/ATS is close to home and she said she received “an amazing scholarship.
“I’d like to give back by helping out as much as I can and encourage other students that this is a great college to attend,” she said. She is secretary for SkillsUSA in the Medical Assistant area. She plans to apply to the Nursing program or enter the workforce as a Medical Assistant.
Carrie Stoddard of Hugoton is an SCCC/ATS freshman plans to major in Nursing. She chose SCCC/ATS because it is close to home and it has great educators.
She appreciates being one of the highest ranked students at the college and she plans to live up to those expectations. She enjoys meeting new friends and learning new things. She is a member of the Student Nurses Association.
“When I graduate from SCCC/ATS, I hope to have my degree in Nursing,” she said. “From here I want to attend the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque, N.M. I want to get my master’s in Nursing and become a nurse anesthetist and eventually become an anesthesiologist.”
Jesse Pereda of Adams, Okla., is an SCCC/ATS sophomore and is majoring in Education.
He chose SCCC/ATS because of the size and the scholarship. He tries to help others wherever possible and to do his best in his classes.
He has especially enjoyed meeting new peopled and making new friends.
Upon graduation, “I hope to transfer to a four-year college so I can become a basketball coach,” he said.
Adrienne Sanborn of Tyrone, Okla., is an SCCC/ATS sophomore majoring in Accounting.
“SCCC/ATS is a great college and it is close to home,” she said. “Being a presidential scholar shows a great accomplishment.”
She has especially enjoyed making new friends and the college life at SCCC/ATS. She has participated in the Student Support Services and plans to transfer to a four-year college to continue her education.
Andrew Augerot of Scott City, is an SCCC/ATS sophomore majoring in Computer Information Systems with an emphasis in Game Design.
He said it has been a great honor to be a presidential scholar because it shows that his hard work has paid off. He helps with a variety of activities through Phi Theta kappa, including the book drive, and is in the band. Right now he is concentrating on finishing his degree and learning new things for his future as a computer animator/game designer. He enjoys is work as an intern in the CIS Department.
He is uncertain where he will go after he graduates from SCCC/ATS.
Kaisha Pittser of Liberal is an SCCC/ATS freshman majoring in Biology.
SCCC/ATS is a really good school, she said. “I get more one-on-one with teachers and it is also cheaper for me to go here, especially with the scholarships I have received.”
As a presidential scholar, she said she needs to be responsible and set a good example for other college students.
She said looks forward to making new friends and getting involved in activities, such as the band. She plans to transfer to a four-year college to major in Zoology.