In what has become an annual tradition for many Seward County athletes and coaches, the Saints and Lady Saints again took time out of their busy schedules last weekend to put smiles on the faces of some of Liberal’s youth during the Big Brothers/Big Sisters fishing and hot dog night at Tucker Lake.
The evening was supposed to kick off with a classic ballpark or arena feast, a hot dog cookout, but the kids of Big Brothers and Big Sisters simply couldn’t wait to get a worm on the hook and the hook in the water. The entire Seward County baseball team was in attendance helping out with the event, as were members of the Lady Saints basketball and tennis teams. As the splashes began to be heard around the dock, the fish were biting as Saints 3rd baseman Jon Mestas and a pair of youngsters quickly found out as they reeled in the first fish of the night. The action didn’t slow down much as most of the kids there were able to bring in a big one, or maybe a not so big one, before they headed to the tables for a hot dog and chips. After a couple of bites of hot dog, a few of the BB/BS “little’s” there decided that their hot dogs could be put to better use and hooked them up to their line which didn’t seem like a bad idea for the perch and bass inside the lake.
As the night wound down there were ear to ear smiles on nearly everyone’s face in attendance, “big’s” and “little’s”, who enjoyed their night together. Lady Saints assistant basketball coach stressed the importance of her players getting involved in activities such as these by saying “not only is this a good opportunity for us and our players to give back to the community that supports us throughout the year, but these events give our players a reality check sometimes on how lucky they really have it.” Seward’s All-Conference 2nd baseman Jordan Dallalio echoed thoughts along the same lines saying “the people from Big Brothers/Big Sisters are always thanking us for coming to these things and I think a lot of the time we have just as much fun working with the kids as the kids do working with us.”
The other events that the Saints have planned with Big Brothers/Big Sisters this year include a trap shoot on October 22nd, a Bowling and Pizza night February 25th, and a Pheasant Hunt January 15th.