EduKan, a consortium of the six western community colleges in Kansas, will partner with Rosetta Stone Inc. (NYSE:RST), a leading provider of technology-based language learning solutions, for the delivery of online language instruction. EduKan students will be able to learn Spanish with Rosetta Stone® Classroom, a powerful learning tool that blends seamlessly into a teacher’s overall language-learning curriculum. The interactive solution utilizes engaging, voice-driven technology, and management and administrative capabilities that together, accelerate language learning and provide quantifiable measurement of success.
“Our enrollments in language classes continue to grow and we are looking for the most efficient way to deliver language acquisition for our students,” says Dr. Mark Sarver, EduKan’s CEO. “Rosetta Stone® Classroom will allow us to serve more students while providing a quality learner focused class.”
The EduKan online consortium is made up of Seward County Community College/Area Technical School in Liberal, Kansas and Barton, Colby, Dodge City, Garden City and Pratt community colleges. The program provides the opportunity to obtain a complete associate degree online. An EduKan degree is transferable for students who want to continue their college or university education.
EduKan will run a traditional Spanish I class and a Rosetta Stone® Classroom-based Spanish I class this summer taught by the same professor with the same outcome measures and assessments. Doralia Reynolds, EduKan’s Learning Manager points out, “Assessment is at the core of our learning and we will be able to effectively assess the learning outcomes of the Rosetta Stone® based class compared to our traditional online class.”
Rosetta Stone language-learning solutions are used by schools, organizations and millions of individuals in over 150 countries throughout the world, however, this will be a new trial where Rosetta Stone® can be compared for language acquisition in the college environment verses traditionally taught language classes using textbooks.
Part of the consortium’s mission calls for EduKan to be accessible, affordable, and convenient. EduKan is currently working on an initiative called Project Aristotle to reduce the dependence on textbooks used in their classes. “The Rosetta Stone partnership is an excellent example of using technology to provide what we feel will be a better learning model than using a textbook, and at a price that is less than the student would pay for the textbook,” says Sarver. More information on Project Aristotle can be found on the EduKan blog at .
EduKan provides online associates degrees and general education classes to students in Kansas and across the U. S.
EduKan coursework is also available to high school students who want to get an early start on their college career, pending approval by the student’s academic advisor.
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