Seward County Community College/Area Technical School recently sponsored the Southwest Kansas Regional Science and Engineering Fair (SKRSEF). The science fair was a chance for students from the 17 counties in Southwest Kansas to exhibit their final Science projects. Many of the projects also involved English and Math projects.
The 47 entries were divided by grade with Junior Division being 4th-6th grades; Intermediate Division, 7th-8th grades; and Senior Division, 9th-12th grades. There were also two honorary displays that were class projects. An overall winner was selected from each division with this winning project receiving a $100 cash award to be divided among the team.
For 20 projects, it was also an opportunity to qualify for the Kansas State Science and Engineering Fair at Friend’s University in Wichita, March 26-27. These projects were selected based on uniqueness of project, sound inquiry, correct scientific investigation, and completeness of data.
District fair winners were Best Senior Display: “The effects of N-Halamines on Bacteria” by Daniela Frausto and Ashley Ermann, Liberal High School; Best Intermediate Display: “Cat on a Tin Roof” by McKenzey Hanna, Rolla Junior High; and Best Junior Display: “Memorization Age Affection” by Dane Friedrich, Shandon Classen, and Nathan Dowell, Cottonwood Elementary.
Senior Division
In Biochemistry, Medicine and Health, first place was Daniela Frausto and Ashley Ermann, Liberal High School; second, Sarah Taylor, Rolla High School; and third, Morgan Todd and Lorie Rine, Liberal High School. All were state qualifiers.
In the Senior Division of Chemistry, first was Emily Jackson and Ashlyn Westerman, LHS, state qualifier; second, John Piper, LHS; and third, Anthony Branstine, LHS.
Intermediate Division
In Botany, first place was Jesslin Lamont, West Middle School, state qualifier; second, Jade Kentner and Kristina Tinsley, West.
In Zoology, first was Hannah Dunn, Rolla Junior High, state qualifier. In Physical Science, first was Alissa Stoddard and Elizabeth Kinney, West, state qualifier; second, Kyle Williams, South Middle School; and third, Kylie Evans, West.
In Biochemistry, Medicine and Health, first was Katie Murray, second was Chandler Huddleston and third was Karly Clinesmith. All are state qualifiers from Rolla Junior High. In Chemistry, first was Jessica Johns, Rolla; second, Nancy Vareda and Diana Fraire, South.
In Engineering, first was Holden Fitzgerald, West, state qualifier. In Environmental/Energy, first was McKenzey Hanna, Rolla, state qualifier; second, Coleman Kirby, Rolla, state qualifier; and third Marshal Witcher and Preston Bashford, Elkhart Middle School, state qualifier. Alejandra Munoz and Alexandra Gonzales, South, were also state qualifiers. In Consumer Science, first was Colten Clemans, Rolla.
Junior Division
In Behavioral/Social Science, first was Dane Friedrich, Shandon Classen, and Nathan Dowell, Cottonwood, state qualifier; and second, Blanca De la Torre and Victoria Rios, Sunflower. In Botany, first was Corey Mein, Ethan Hatcher, and Joel Mettlen, Cottonwood, and second, Daisie Quezada and Taylor Watson, Sublette. In Zoology, first was Jennifer Villa, Fabiola Morano and Abigail Kraber, Sublette.
In Physical Science, first was Jacob McCarter, Eric Gomez, and Caleb Brond, Cottonwood, state qualifier; second, Carly Fankhouser and Olivia Clancy, Sublette, state qualifier; and third, Felipe Pimental, Jorge Pimental and Sean Titus, Cottonwood. In Chemistry, first was Sarah Davis and Rebecca King, Cottonwood, state qualifier; second, Preston Pittman and Cesar Moreno, Cottonwood; and third, Kaleigh Cobb, Michelle Gaytan, and Marissa Hinz, Sunflower.
In Earth/Space Science, first was Lisa Peters, Jalee Birney, and Brooklyn Withers, Sublette, and in Engineering, first was Cole Evans, Keith Evans, and Ashleigh Parker, Cottonwood, state qualifier.
In Environmental/Energy, first was Brook Briggs and Brianna Perez, Sublette, and in Consumer Science, first was Brandon Norman and Kassidy Martin, Sublette Elementary.
Honorary displays included Gena Hampton’s first grade class project and Nancy Scott’s kindergarten class project.