Seward County Community College/Area Technical School is a winner in the National Council of Instructional Administrators 20th Annual Exemplary Initiatives Competition.
SCCC/ATS won the Curriculum Innovation Division for “Nowhere to Run, Nowhere to Hide: Changing Campus Culture by Assessing Writing Across the Curriculum.”
The winning entry, an article describing the SCCC/ATS Writing Assessment Process, was submitted by English Instructors Bill McGlothing and Dale Doll. The process, which McGlothing and Doll lead, encourages instructors in all departments to work with their students to effectively communicate ideas clearly and proficiently in writing, appropriately adjusting content and arrangement for varying audiences, purposes, and situations.
Over the last four years, this process has steadily increased faculty interest and participation in assessing and improving student writing.
SCCC/ATS will be recognized at NCIA’s Sixth Academy for Instructional Administrators in April.
Other categories recognized by NCIA were Organizational Change, Responding to Community Needs, Student Retention and Success and Workforce Development.