Seward County Community College/Area Technical School gives you the opportunity to learn Spanish that will help you in your job.
The Business & Industry Office offers Command Spanish courses that you can schedule for your business or you can learn online on your own.
Online courses include Spanish for law enforcement, financial institutions, medial office nursing, hospital nursing, community, construction supervisors, library personnel, pharmacy personnel, physicians, real estate sales, school teachers or for the workplace.
If you want Command Spanish for your employees courses include Spanish for law enforcement officers, narcotics officers, highway drug interdiction officers, jail facilities staff, correctional staff, probation officers, paramedics and EMTs, firefighters, dental staff, nurses, physician’s office staff, banking personnel, office personnel, child-care staff, restaurants, hotel and motels, retail sales employees, business professionals, library staff, automobile sales and service, requesting personnel or data staff, respiratory therapy staff, custodian and maintenance supervisors, mission teams, cross cultural training staff, eye-care providers, mortgage loan officers, pharmacy staff, real estate agents/staff, , emergency personnel, tax preparers, chiropractic staff, safety supervisors, apartment management, school districts, industry and manufacturing, forest and parks personnel and landscaping and grounds keeping staff. There’s also basic French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish for travelers.
The cost for an online course is $99 per course. The cost for Command Spanish for the workplace is based on the number or participants and whether the course is credit or noncredit.
No prior knowledge of Spanish is required for these classes.
To find out more, call 620-417-1170.