Ray Nolin of TransAm Trucking, Olathe, spoke to students in the Truck Driving program about future jobs. The next six-week Trucking program is Feb. 28-April 8. For information, call 417-1696 or email February is Career and Technical Education Month.

February 6-12 is SkillsUSA Week, recognizing students, teachers and industry who are working together to ensure America has a skilled work force. SkillsUSA helps each student excel. Seward County Community College/Are Technical School students David Winkler, Brandon Bruner & Caleb Crawford sport their new Carhart SkillsUSA state officer jackets.  The jackets are donated from Carhart. Winkler of Plains, Kansas is the state treasurer, district and vice president. He is in the Diesel Technology program. Bruner of Hooker, Okla., is the state parliamentarian, district historian and local secretary. He is in Diesel Technology and the new Natural Gas Compressor Technology program. Crawford of Texhoma, Okla., is the state vice president and district and local reporter. He is in the Auto Mechanics program.  The photos were taken in the new Natural Gas Compression Technology shop. <b>February is also Career and Technical Education Month</b>.

The Seward County Community College/Area Technical School Library is proud to present the traveling exhibit Amelia Earhart: Taking Flight in Kansas.
As a young girl growing up in Atchison, Kansas, Amelia Earhart loved a challenge. Aviation proved the perfect associate and provided Earhart with a continuous quest for accomplishments.
This exhibit explores offers a glimpse of Earhart’s passions for flying, women's issues, and aviation safety. Using historic photographs, documents, and newspaper articles, Earhart’s life is detailed from childhood to her disappearance on July 2, 1937.
Amelia Earhart: Taking Flight in Kansas was produced by the Kansas State Historical Society and is part of the Kansas Interpretive Traveling Exhibits Service. The exhibit is open to the public for the entire month of February.
For more information, contact the SCCC/ATS Library at 620-417-1160.

Seward County Community College/Area Technical School, Seward County Historical Museum and USD #480 are partnering to educate local intermediate grade students on Kansas History on Feb. 4.
Approximately 160 fourth graders will have the opportunity to visit the Coronado Museum to learn about Kansas history. The Sigma Chi Chi, SCCC/ATS Criminal Justice Club, volunteered to assist museum personnel with tours, stories about Kansas History and a Kansas Jeopardy game that will entertained and educated the students throughout the day.
After the program, students will receive promotional items to commemorate Kansas History. Students will also be challenged to participate in an essay competition entitled, “What I learned about Kansas History”. Some of the prizes for the winners of the essay competition include tickets to a college basketball game, t-shirts, pizzas and other memorabilia. The students will have one week after visiting the museum to submit their papers.
The program is a service-learning activity that is designed to educate all ages on Kansas history.
It’s not unusual for friends and neighbors across Southwest Kansas to share things – tools, clothing or recipes, for example, as well as all kinds of information.
It’s also pretty common for students at every level to share things like classroom assignments or help with homework.
Now, there’s another kind of sharing going on, involving Seward County Community College/Area Technical School and Garden City and Dodge City community colleges.
The three institutions are working as partners in teaching upper level mathematics courses–courses that would be difficult and costly to conduct frequently on an individual basis.
The partnership includes instruction in Calculus II, Calculus III and Differential Equations—each a highly focused, technical and intense course in terms of concepts and content. In such classes, students use TI 84 plus or TI 89 graphing calculators, and require close attention and guidance from their instructors. In most cases, those who enroll are engineering majors, or education majors planning to teach secondary level mathematics.
“These courses just aren’t practical for a small community college to offer every semester, since you’re usually talking about just two or three students per class,” said Kevin Brungardt, dean of academics. “Joining forces with our neighboring schools has been the solution.”
In each class, the students use a common textbook, and each school coordinates its own schedule and semester class dates with the others. Instruction takes place over a polycom system, basically an Internet-based two-way audio and video communication network that works essentially like two-way, interactive television.
Most classes involve four to 10 students, based at two to three locations. The polycom technology allows students to see the instructor and students at the instructor’s site.
One thing that hasn’t suffered, though, is collaboration between students. Class members often work together even if they don’t attend the same campus, communicating over the polycom system.
Using the polycom system, SCCC/ATS math instructor Bonnie Merrihew taught Calculus II and III last year for students at all three colleges.
“On occasion, class had to be cancelled due to technology issues, because if one site can’t connect for any reason, the class didn’t happen,” Merrihew said.
However, Merrihew didn’t feel that the long-distance aspect kept class members from learning together.
“Distance wasn’t an issue on this,” she said. “We all got to know each other, and the students talked between sites often before and during class.”
The originating point for instruction rotates between the schools, with teachers on each campus handling classes on a cyclical basis. The portability of polycom makes it easier to schedule class locations at each of the three colleges, since all that’s required is a room with internet access.

The search for Amelia Earhart can finally be called off! The famed aviator will be talking about her thrilling flights at 12 noon, Monday, Feb. 7 at the Seward County Community College/Area Technical School Library and at 7 p.m., Monday, Feb. 7 at the Liberal Memorial Library.
Scholar/performer Ann Birney of Ride into History will take the audience back to 1937, just before Earhart’s disappearance over the Pacific Ocean.
Immediately following the performance at the college, Ann Birney will give a workshop on historical performances and how to choose a historic figure to research, interpret and create.
Each performance is free and open to the public.
Earhart twice set out to fly around the world at the equator before she disappeared. The first time, heading west from California, she wrecked her twin-engine Lockheed Electra taking off from Hawaii. Birney, as Earhart, will take the audience to April 14, 1937. Earhart is waiting for her airplane, her silver “flying laboratory” to be repaired so that she can try again. This time, she tells the audience, she will go east instead of west, hoping to reverse her luck with the reversal in direction.
Earhart came into the public eye when she became the first woman to cross the Atlantic Ocean by air in 1928. Among her other records, she became the first woman and second person to solo across the Atlantic, the first person to solo over the Pacific, the first person to fly from Hawaii to California, and the fastest woman to fly non-stop across the U.S.
Birney is a member of Ride into History, an historical performance touring troupe that has performed throughout the U.S. Birney’s interpretation of Amelia Earhart is based on extensive research. She holds a doctorate in American Studies from the University of Kansas and, like Earhart, is a native Kansan. Birney has been doing her Chautauqua-style performances of Amelia Earhart since 1995. In March of 2000 she became the first person to do an historical performance for the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum, where she was described as “what living history should be—accurate, natural, evocative, and accessible.”
Ride into History interprets several characters, two of which, Amelia Earhart and Calamity Jane, are integral to the myth of American individualism.

Seward County Community College/Area Technical School and Liberal High School will bring West Side Story to life at 7:30 p.m., Feb. 17-19 and 2 p.m., Feb. 20 in James Maskus Auditorium at LHS.
Members of the Jetts are Brian Francis as Riff, Benn Mann as Tony, Jimmy Bert as Action, Chase Tatum as A-Rab, Killian Doze as Baby John, Allen Semisch as Diesel, Brandon Ridge as Big Deal and Makyla Johnson as Anybodys.
The Sharks include Angel Rodriguez as Bernardo, Giovanni Macedo as Chino, Orlando Galvan as Pepe, Sandro Juarez as Nibbles, Luis Morales as Luis and Jonathan Zamora as Anxious.
The Jetts’ girls are Megan Henderson as Graziella, Lauren Sarchet as Velma and Kelsi Oyler as Minnie.
The Sharks’ girls are Flor Parral as Maria, Jamie Fitzgerald as Anita, Keny Del-Val as Rosalia, Katie Burnett as Consuelo, Dalia Comacho as Francisco, Josephine Stockwell as Margarita and Anysia Limon as Estella.
The adults are Gary Collins as Doc, Tony Claus as Shrank, Matt Teel as Krupke, and Lindsay Brauer as Gladis Hand. Yahaida Zubia does the Somewhere solo.
Neighborhood kids include Trey Duerson, Michael mages, Jessica Salgado, Veronica De La Torre, Yessenia Vasquez, Irene Sandoval, Clarissa Carrillo, Tycanda Millsap, Sarai Marin, Maria Avelino, Betheny Thompson, Vicky Calderon and Elena Duria.
Set in New York City in the mid-1950s, the musical explores the rivalry between the Jets and the Sharks, two teenage street gangs of different ethnic backgrounds.
Tickets are available in the SCCC/ATS Humanities Building at 1801 N. Kansas or by calling 620-417-1451. Tickets are $6 in advance and $8 at the door. Liberal High School and SCCC/ATS students are admitted free with a valid student ID.

Seward County Community College/Area Technical School has named its fall 2010 semester President’s Honor Roll, Dean’s Honor Roll and Part-time Dean’s Honor Roll.

Students who complete at least 15 credit hours in courses numbered 100 and above and maintain a grade point average of 4.0 shall be eligible for the President’s Honor Roll.

Dustin Rakestraw Chetopa, KS
Kendra Spresser Dresden, KS
Rey Lujan Hugoton, KS
Alexander Olinger Hugoton, KS
Jeffrey Wilson Hugoton, KS
Andrew Rittscher Kismet, KS
Kristina Brisendine Liberal, KS
Cody Buchman Liberal, KS
Kelsey Darnell Liberal, KS
Rafael Diaz-Lozada Liberal, KS
Paul Donovan Liberal, KS
Kimberly Fuller Liberal, KS
Trevor Gonzales Liberal, KS
Barbara Hanna Liberal, KS
Zachary Miller Liberal, KS
Austin Parnell Liberal, KS
Jesus Pereda Liberal, KS
Rebekah Pewthers Liberal, KS
Kaisha Pittser Liberal, KS
Adam Regier Liberal, KS
Hannah Rotolo Liberal, KS
Aaron Schaffer Liberal, KS
Jose Torres Liberal, KS
Thuy Truong Liberal, KS
Adriana Vazquez Liberal, KS
Jace Moore Moscow, KS
Andrew Augerot Scott City, KS
Jena Eder Sharon Springs, KS
Courtney Lohr St. Francis, KS
Gregory Klaus Sublette, KS
Paige Eslick Ulysses, KS
Marycarmen Perez Ulysses, KS

Talayna Frantz Beaver, OK
Shelby Hansen Beaver, OK
Eric Alcon Guymon, OK
Crystal Chamblee Guymon, OK
Matthew Chamblee Guymon, OK
Jesus Muniz Guymon, OK
Ezequiel Rascon Guymon, OK
Maverick Elam Hardesty, OK
Jeremy Mendenhall Turpin, OK
Brylee Courkamp Tyrone, OK

Madison Winkelman Dumas, TX
Kelsea Blackstock Lubbock, TX
Anna Castanon Perryton, TX

Courtney Geesing Montrose, CO
Taylor McDougall Sherwood Park, AB
Stephanie Bernthal Valentine, NE
Alicia Denny Wolf Point, MT
Sheina Fernandes Porto Alegre, Brazil
Fanny Benincasa Saint Jean D Illac, France
Maria Muehlfeld Berlin, Germany
Luis Pauyac-Martinez Lima, Peru

The Dean’s Honor Roll recognizes those students who maintained a 3.5 or greater grade point average and completed at least 12 credit hours in courses numbered 100 or above.

Tate Weidner Copeland, KS
Jerry Ryman Elkhart, KS
Shawn Brown Fowler, KS
Charlotta McMurphy Garden City, KS
Brenda Morales Garden City, KS
Nancy Baez Hugoton, KS
Kurston Ghumm Hugoton, KS
Diana Gill Hugoton, KS
Ashley Goode Hugoton, KS
Daisy Grewell Hugoton, KS
Heather Haller Hugoton, KS
Deborah Kelling Hugoton, KS
Cassandra Quillen Hugoton, KS
Kristen Schnittker Hugoton, KS
Emily Willis Hugoton, KS
Jonathan Yowell Hugoton, KS
Derienne Daniels Johnson, KS
Tesk Nichols Johnson, KS
Rudy Alfaro Kismet, KS
Emery Ball Kismet, KS
Maria Aguilar Liberal, KS
Lexi Amos-Lyddon Liberal, KS
Jose Alfredo Anaya Liberal, KS
Hillary Anderson Liberal, KS
Arlette Austin Liberal, KS
Luis Barboza Liberal, KS
Andrea Berry Liberal, KS
Rahulkumar Bhakta Liberal, KS
Donna Brown Liberal, KS
Zachary Carpenter Liberal, KS
Brenda Carrillo Liberal, KS
Elder Carrillo Liberal, KS
Erik Castaneda Liberal, KS
Christopher Chaney Liberal, KS
Anabel Chavez Liberal, KS
Mui Chi Liberal, KS
Kicki Cole Liberal, KS
Brandi Colvin Liberal, KS
Obdulia Covarrubias Liberal, KS
Lluvia Diaz Liberal, KS
Thelma Gaby Diaz Liberal, KS
Chelsea Droste Liberal, KS
Kingsley Emuedue Liberal, KS
Erica Gant Liberal, KS
Virginia Gastelum Liberal, KS
Samantha Gillespie Liberal, KS
Kauana Goncalves Liberal, KS
Mariana Gonzalez Liberal, KS
Marina Guardiola Liberal, KS
Jonathan Hanna Liberal, KS
Conny Hernandez Liberal, KS
Morgan Johnson Liberal, KS
Christian Leyva Liberal, KS
Rosio Mares Liberal, KS
Jasa Marsh Liberal, KS
Gilberto Mendoza Liberal, KS
Sugely Mendoza Liberal, KS
Michael Milhon Liberal, KS
Heidy Molina Liberal, KS
Victor Moreno Liberal, KS
Anh Thu Nguyen Liberal, KS
Thuy Nguyen Liberal, KS
Irma Ortega Liberal, KS
Cameron Parsons Liberal, KS
James Pierce Liberal, KS
Karla Ramos Liberal, KS
Sandra Regalado Liberal, KS
Magdalena Rivera Liberal, KS
Enrique Rodriguez Liberal, KS
Jose Rodriguez Liberal, KS
Gisela Sandoval Liberal, KS
Brooke Scheuerman Liberal, KS
Dallas Smith Liberal, KS
Robert Sprenkle Liberal, KS
Macy Tottey Liberal, KS
Joshua Towner Liberal, KS
Margarita Trejo Liberal, KS
Daniel Valles Liberal, KS
Janette Vargas Liberal, KS
Adrian Vasquez Liberal, KS
Lindsey Waide Liberal, KS
Demetrious Werner Liberal, KS
Shawna Wiebe Liberal, KS
Andrew Williams Liberal, KS
Dustin Little Meade, KS
Dana Loewen Meade, KS
Crysta Tuttle Meade, KS
Taylor Wiens Meade, KS
Jaime Maldonado Moscow, KS
Sandra O'Toole Plains, KS
Allen Semisch Plains, KS
Courtney Reza Rolla, KS
Jeramie Schwindt Rolla, KS
Miriam Peregrino Scott City, KS
Isaac Fuentes Sublette, KS
Gentry Hibbard Sublette, KS
Meriell Martinez Sublette, KS
Zac Walker Sublette, KS
Terri Abernathy Ulysses, KS
Ruby DeHerrera Ulysses, KS
Chelsea Gray Ulysses, KS
Misty Ortivez Ulysses, KS
Maygan Twilleger Ulysses, KS

Laura Gomez Adams, OK
David Spell Allen, OK
Diana Frederick Beaver, OK
Kalee Goodson Beaver, OK
Samantha Sharp Beaver, OK
Kayla Thomas Delaware, OK
Matthew Hemphill Forgan, OK
Trevor Julian Gotebo, OK
Mary Braley Guymon, OK
Aaron Gibler Hooker, OK
Bethany Stewart Idabel, OK
Samuel Pack Newcastle, OK
Kelsey Willson Ripley, OK
Abbey Keyes Texhoma, OK
Hipolito Castillo Turpin, OK
Kaitlyn Nickel Turpin, OK
Joseph Hoffman Tyrone, OK
Christa Kopel Tyrone, OK
Russell Robertson Tyrone, OK
Adrienne Sanborn Tyrone, OK
Tyler Sherrill Tyrone, OK

Edward Williams Castle Rock, CO
Jordan Martin Eaton, CO

Terra Hennigh Booker, TX
Ashlynn Knoll Canyon, TX
Jordan Dallalio Carrollton, TX
Jennifer Maloy Darrouzett, TX
Madeline Taylor Denton, TX
Mattie Yanke Gruver, TX
Corey Clark Higgins, TX
Salitza Abrantes Keene, TX
Julia Burris Perryton, TX
Wade Holcomb Perryton, TX
Judith Huntress Perryton, TX
Shawn Cole Redding, CA
Clarence Jones Augusta, GA
William Wilkins Cullman, AL
Jon Mestas Farmington, NM
Breanna Diaz Las Cruces, NM

Raphael Simard Machado Itajai, Brazil
Tak Yee Leung Yuen Long NT, Hong Kong
Lucas Izkovitz Balneario Camboriu, Brazil
Rafael Raw Brasilia, DF, Brazil
Antoine Freitas Lauro De Freitas, Brazil
Juraj Stepanovic Liberec, Czech Republic
Leah Sitter Maple Ridge, BC
Felipe De Souza Cruz Rio De Janerio, Brazil
Alexander Richards St Austell, United Kingdom
Hanna Bognar Tata, Hungary
Regine Beauchard Port Au Prince, Haiti

The Part-time Dean’s Honor Roll recognizes those students who complete no less than six nor more than eleven credit hours in courses numbered 100 and above. These students must maintain a grade point average of 3.5 or greater for honor roll eligibility.

Joseph Smith Derby, KS
Halee Fullerton Elkhart, KS
Tonya Livingston Elkhart, KS
Afton Lutters Elkhart, KS
Cody Orth Elkhart, KS
Jonathan Owens Elkhart, KS
Whitney Parks Elkhart, KS
Audrey Ritter Elkhart, KS
Krista Stroud Elkhart, KS
Lindsey Walls Elkhart, KS
Magen Witcher Elkhart, KS
Brian Fishman Garden City, KS
Kristina Murry Garden City, KS
Rachel Crane Hugoton, KS
Marilyn Eddleman-Cosby Hugoton, KS
Edwin Elliot Hugoton, KS
Alyx Ellsaesser Hugoton, KS
Devin Hagman Hugoton, KS
Valeria Licon Hugoton, KS
Eunice Lunceford Hugoton, KS
Nataly Martinez Hugoton, KS
Lindsey Miller Hugoton, KS
Chase Mills Hugoton, KS
Hiram Olinger Hugoton, KS
Katie Omo Hugoton, KS
Alexa Ralstin Hugoton, KS
Roberta Tackett Hugoton, KS
Melissa Taylor Hugoton, KS
Becky Willsey Hugoton, KS
Scott Campbell Johnson, KS
Broc Ellis Johnson, KS
Seth Holliday Johnson, KS
Sarah Martin Johnson, KS
Lorena Navarro Johnson, KS
Alyssa Amerin Kismet, KS
Blake Abbott Liberal, KS
Beatriz Alaniz Liberal, KS
Rhonda Anderson Liberal, KS
Thomas Benson Liberal, KS
Kristina Brown Liberal, KS
Caitlyn Bullis Liberal, KS
Jennifer Daniels Liberal, KS
Juan Diaz de leon Liberal, KS
Ruby Diaz de leon Liberal, KS
Enrique Estrada Liberal, KS
Angela Fabbro Liberal, KS
Liberty Feenstra Liberal, KS
Mitchell Foster Liberal, KS
Alexis Franco Liberal, KS
Alma Garcia Liberal, KS
Laura Garcia Liberal, KS
Grecia Goitia Liberal, KS
Ana Gonzalez Liberal, KS
Gabriela Grajeda Liberal, KS
Joshua Hammock Liberal, KS
Cheyenne Holder Liberal, KS
Glenda Kelley Liberal, KS
Mikayla Knudsen Liberal, KS
Ashley Limbocker Liberal, KS
Iliana Macias Liberal, KS
Velvet Martin Liberal, KS
Heather McElroy Liberal, KS
Shaunell Mecum Liberal, KS
Irving Morales Liberal, KS
Sara Moreno Liberal, KS
Ana Quezada Liberal, KS
Ana Ramirez Liberal, KS
Amanda Sallaska Liberal, KS
Diana Sanchez Liberal, KS
Brittany Shelton Liberal, KS
Martin Swanson Liberal, KS
Briseyda Urias Liberal, KS
Cheri VanDoren-Cook Liberal, KS
Alma Varela Liberal, KS
Esmeralda Vasquez Liberal, KS
Alma Vergara Liberal, KS
Alexa Wentworth Liberal, KS
Amber Rekward Manhattan , KS
Sue Blumenstock Manhattan, KS
Leah Johnson Manhattan, KS
Randi Priest Manhattan, KS
Katheryn Tanner Manhattan, KS
Desiree Thompson Manhattan, KS
Adam Gleason Meade, KS
Michaela Gleason Meade, KS
Allissa Harshberger Meade, KS
Kyre Larrabee Meade, KS
Tonya Loewen Meade, KS
Britney Reimer Meade, KS
Raechelle Romero Meade, KS
Jessica Thompson Meade, KS
Mackenzie Dobie Moscow, KS
Gwendolyn Friesen Moscow, KS
Emily Hittle Moscow, KS
Zane May Moscow, KS
Shanda Walker Moscow, KS
Emily White Moscow, KS
Charity Amerin Plains, KS
Dakota Jacobs Plains, KS
Deni Jacobs Plains, KS
Rebi Jacobs Plains, KS
Jordan Lee Plains, KS
Billy Walston Plains, KS
Bragen Denton Rolla, KS
Garrett Anton Satanta, KS
Kelsey Blair Satanta, KS
Stephanie Caro Satanta, KS
Amber Evans Satanta, KS
Dawn Freeman Satanta, KS
Megan Kuehler Satanta, KS
Jazmin Longoria Satanta, KS
Sarahi Miramontes Satanta, KS
Jonathan Penner Satanta, KS
Pamela Roberts Satanta, KS
Jennifer Sloan Satanta, KS
Megan Sloan Satanta, KS
Preston Ungles Satanta, KS
Allee Young Satanta, KS
Brittany Alvarado Sublette, KS
Derek Birney Sublette, KS
Angelia Gale Sublette, KS
Joseph Lower Sublette, KS
Karsyn Meairs Sublette, KS
Anna Messerly Sublette, KS
Emily Meyer Sublette, KS
Bianca Perez Sublette, KS
Daryan Whaler Sublette, KS
Jolene Williams Sublette, KS
Royce Williams Sublette, KS
Kristen Binney Ulysses, KS
Lucero Chacon Ulysses, KS
Hollace Dillon Ulysses, KS
Pamela Eveleigh Ulysses, KS
Pedro Galindo Ulysses, KS
Diana Gutierrez Ulysses, KS
Jade Helmle Ulysses, KS
Joell Martin Ulysses, KS
Linda Martinez Ulysses, KS
Marivell Mendoza Ulysses, KS
Tyra Olson Ulysses, KS
Maria Perez Ulysses, KS
Melody Small Ulysses, KS
Tabatha Brooks Wamego, KS
Houston Sorell Wamego, KS
Kristen Wheeler Westmoreland, KS
Janice Mills Balko, OK
Lacie Ratliff Balko, OK
Macy Millikan Beaver, OK
Andrew Stone Beaver, OK
Megan Campbell Forgan, OK
Kyle Merhoff Greensburg, KS
Janette King Guymon, OK
Mandie Slack Guymon, OK
Tyler Humble Hooker, OK
Lydia Mathis Hooker, OK
Kanadi Paden Hooker, OK
Tanesha Cayton Keyes, OK
Abigail Parra Turpin, OK
Jentri Cooper Tyrone, OK
Guadalupe Garcia Tyrone, OK
Jessica Hitchcock Tyrone, OK
Celestina Padilla Tyrone, OK

Lyudmyla Battin Perryton, TX

Jennifer Conlon Denver, CO

Micheal McCallion, a junior at Elkhart High School, receives a $100 scholarship from Dr. Duane Dunn, Seward County Community College/Area Technical School president. Representatives from SCCC/ATS traveled to Elkhart for a recent basketball game.

Seward County Community College/Area Technical School will be at a number of high schools for SCCC/ATS basketball.
The college in Beaver Friday, Jan. 28 for the high school basketball games against Texhoma.
College representatives will be in Tyrone, Okla., Monday, Jan. 31 for the high school basketball games against Goodwell.
College representatives will be in Turpin, Okla., Tuesday, Feb. 1 for the high school basketball games against Guymon.
SCCC/ATS will be at Southwestern Heights, Friday, Feb. 4 for the high school basketball games against Stanton County.
SCCC/ATS will be in Hugoton, Tuesday, Feb. 8 for the high school basketball games against Holcomb.
College representatives will be on hand to talk about the college. High school juniors and seniors will have the opportunity to win a scholarship.
For information, contact the Admissions office at 620-417-1100.

Eldon Eagan accepts a scholarship on behalf of his son, Taylor, from Seward County Community College/Area Technical School Ambassador Shelby Hansen. Taylor’s name was drawn at the SCCC/ATS night recently during the Forgan/Guymon game.

Raphael Giaimo, a student at Seward County Community College/Area Technical School, presents a $100 scholarship to Elizabeth Hoffman at the Hooker High School Basketball Night recently. Hoffman is a Hooker High School junior.

Dalton Beasley is the winner of the $100 Shoot For Success Scholarship at the Moscow Basketball Night recently. In the photo is Jace Moore, sophomore at Seward County Community College/Area Technical school, presenting the scholarship to Jeannie Aton, mother of Dalton Beasley.  Dalton is a junior at Hardesty High School and is on the basketball team.

Jazmin Longoria, a senior at Satanta High School, is the winner of the $100 “Shoot For Success” scholarship presented by Seward County Community College/Area Technical School.   Marcia Hatcher, SCCC/ATS Business Division Chair, presents the scholarship to Jazmin.

Seward County Community College/Area Technical School will be participating in The ‘National’ College Goal Sunday program. College Goal Sunday provides assistance to families who are applying for financial aid. Volunteers will assist individuals in filling out the Free Application for Federal Financial Aid (FAFSA) from 2-4 p.m., Sunday, Feb. 13 in the SCCC/ATS library.
By delivering help to families in our community, College Goal Sunday helps ensure that students get the help they need crossing the paper barrier as they qualify for financial aid, said Donna Fisher, SCCC/ATS director of financial aid.
College Goal Sunday is open to all college-bound students regardless of age. Whether a prospective student is going to be a recent high school graduate or someone returning to education later in life, College Goal Sunday will help them complete the FAFSA, accurately and on time.
Four prospective students will also have an opportunity to win a $500 scholarship.
For information, contact Fisher at 620-417-1111 or

For the 2011-2012 school year you will need financial information from 2010. You may need to refer to:

· Your Social Security card. It is important that you enter your Social Security Number correctly!
· Your driver’s license (if any)
· Your 2010 W-2 forms and other records of money earned
· Your (and your spouse’s, if you are married) 2010 Federal Income Tax Return.
IRS 1040, 1040A, 1040 EZ Foreign Tax Return, or Tax Return for Puerto Rico, Guam, American Samoa, the U.S. Virgin Islands, the Marshall Islands, the Federal States of Micronesia, or Palau
· Your Parents’ 2010 Federal Income Tax Return (if you are a dependent student)
· Your 2010 untaxed income records
· Your current bank statements
· Your current business and investment mortgage information, business and farm records, stock, bond and other investment records
· Your alien registration or permanent resident card (if you are not a U.S. citizen)

Are you a health-care provider in Southwest Kansas or the Oklahoma Panhandle? If you are, sign up to attend the Allied Health Job Fair at Seward County Community College/Area Technical School and meet our students in Medical Laboratory Technician, Surgical Technology, Respiratory Therapy, Nursing or Medical Assistant.
The allied health job fair will be from 11 a.m.-1:30 p.m., Thursday, Feb. 17 in SW 229 C/D of the SCCC/ATS Student Activities Center.
Whether you have jobs available today or in the future, our students want to now about your organization and potential careers.
Registration is $20 per table and includes lunch.
Call 620-417-1170 or sign up.

Seward County Community College/Area Technical School, Liberal, is offering a senior fitness class for adults over sixty.
The course, which is by arrangement, will assess muscular strength, aerobic endurance, flexibility, agility/dynamic balance and body mass index. Each individual will then be given a fitness workout for the SCCC/ATS Wellness Center.
Call Alli Lyon at 620-417-1142.

Seward County Community College/Area Technical School, Liberal, is offering a number of short courses this spring.
Courses include:
Welding/Beginning & Advanced, 1/10-1/31, MR, 7-10 p.m., TA115, $95;
Defensive Driving Course Seminar, Saturday, Jan. 15, 8 a.m.-4 p.m., TT101, $50;
Floral Design, , 1/18-3/29, Tuesdays, 7-9 p.m., T116, $95;
Automatic Transmission, 1/18-4/5, Tuesdays, 7-9 p.m., TA120, $95;
Intro to Woodworking, 1/19-2/14, MW, 6-9 p.m., TA130, $95;
Spanish/Basic Computer, Saturday, Jan. 22, 9 a.m.-12 noon, A136, $30;
Certified Medication Aide, 2/2-3/30, M-F, 4:30-7:30 p.m., T134, $375;
Beginning Cake Decorating, 2/7-3/29, Mondays, 7-10 p.m., AA154, $95;
Fundamentals of Sewing, 2/7-3/31, Thursdays, 7-10 p.m., T116, $95;
Welding/ Beginning & Advanced, 2/7-2/28, MR, 7-10 p.m., TA115, $95;
ETC Safety Training, Thursday, Feb. 17, 8 a.m.-5 p.m., TBA, $85;
Forklift Training, Friday, Feb. 18, 8 a.m.-5 p.m., TBA, $70;
Computer Excel, Saturday, Feb. 19, 9 a.m.-12 noon, A136, $30;
Commercial Driver License Seminar, Saturday, March 5, 8 a.m.-4 p.m., TT101, $50;
Welding/ Beginning & Advanced, 3/7-3/31, MR, 7-10 p.m., TA115, $95;
Defensive Driving Course Seminar, Saturday, March 12, 8 a.m.-4 p.m., TT101, $50;
Certified Medication Aide, 3/15-4/29, M-F, 1-4 p.m., T134, $375;
Refrigeration Certification, Friday, March 25, 8 a.m., TB125, $75;
Certified Nurse Aide, 3/31-6/3, M-F, 4:30-7:30 p.m., T134, $425;
CMA Up-Date, Fridays, May 13, 7:30 a.m.-6:30 p.m., T116, $85;
Home Health Aide, 6/1-6/7, M-F, 9 a.m.-1 p.m., T134, $125.
Some courses require textbooks and supplies for an additional cost.
For additional information, call 620-417-1173 or email

Seward County Community College/Area Technical School will be in Elkhart Friday, Jan. 14 for the high school basketball games against Walsh.
College representatives will be on hand to talk about the college. High school seniors will have the opportunity to win a scholarship.
For information, contact the Admissions office at 620-417-1100.

Seward County Community College/Area Technical School will be in Satanta Tuesday, Jan. 11 for the high school basketball games against Moscow.
College representatives will be on hand to talk about the college. High school seniors will have the opportunity to win a scholarship.
For information, contact the Admissions office at 620-417-1100.

Would you like to explore your creative side? Let Seward County Community College/Area Technical School introduce you to a variety of courses that will help explore your creativity.
Through the Art Department a student can enjoy Jewelry Making, Ceramics, Glass Blowing, Interior Design, Photography, Drawing, Painting or Watercolor.
Students interested in writing can take News Writing I.
Through the Drama Department, a student can take Acting or Stagecraft.
Students can take learn to play a music instrument or piano or the can learn to sing through the Music program.
Students can learn to be creative on the computer through Graphic Design, Digital Photography/Computer Graphics, Web Page Design, Digital Image Editing, 3D Modeling or Web Animation.
Find a complete course listing at or come by 1801 N. Kansas in Liberal.

Seward County Community College/Area Technical School will offer a variety of computer courses this spring, both online and in the classroom.
One-credit hour online courses include Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint.
Three-credit hour courses include Computer Based Spreadsheets, XHTML Programming for Web Development, Advanced Computer Concepts and Applications and Programming Logic and Design and Visual Basic I, which need to be taken together.
Computer short courses include Basic Computer Skills, 1/31-2/21, 6-9:30 p.m., Mondays; Introduction to Keyboarding, 2/8-3/1, 6-9:30 p.m., Tuesdays; Microsoft Word, 3/21-4/11, 6-9:30 p.m., Mondays; Excel, 4/13-5/4, 6-9:30 p.m., Tuesdays; PowerPoint, 3/22-4/12, 6-9:30 p.m., Tuesdays; Introduction to Digital Photography, 2/3-2/24, 6-9:30 p.m., Thursdays; and Photoshop Basics, 3/3-3/31, 6-9:30 p.m., Thursdays.
Individuals who need a very basic course might enjoy Basic Computers and Technology at 11 a.m., Tuesdays and Thursdays.
For information, email Mindy Holder at or go online to to enroll. An application for admission is also available online.

Five allied health programs at Seward County Community College/Area Technical School are now accepting applications for the fall 2011 semester.
Individuals who consider the Respiratory Therapy, Surgical Technology, Nursing, Medical Assistant or Medical Laboratory Technician programs can find excellent employment opportunities with competitive salaries upon successful completion of these one- or two-year programs.
For more information about these programs, call 620-417-1401 or 1-800-373-9951, ext. 1401 or go online to