The Board of Trustees of Seward County Community College/Area Technical School met Monday evening, June 27 for the close of the 2011 fiscal year. A lengthy agenda included personnel reports, purchases, administrative reports, authorization of a new associate degree, and discussion on the fiscal year 2012 budget plan.

SCCC/ATS president Duane Dunn provided the board with preliminary information regarding the FY2012 budget development. Dunn explained that over $1.6million in facility and equipment needs had been reviewed by the administrative team and a budget proposal of less than $450,000 was developed. That results in decisions to postpone facility and equipment purchases until future years. Priority decisions were placed on those items that address safety concerns, infrastructure needs, and student learning activities. Additionally, Dunn provided the board with recommended changes in personnel responsibilities and additional staff to meet the needs of the college due to increased enrollments, changing regulations, and implementation of the concepts included in the college’s strategic plan. The Board encouraged the administrative team to present a 2012 fiscal year budget within the approximate local revenue as was presented in the current year budget while considering the impact of state reductions in funding.

The students at SCCC/ATS contributed over 1800 hours of community service during the academic year according to a report submitted by Celeste Donovan, dean of student services. As part of an institutional goal of increasing community interaction, Ms. Donovan compiled information provided by each of the student organizations. Examples of service activities included providing assistance at adult care centers to elementary school reading programs. Service activities were primarily conducted in Liberal, but several area communities were also served by the student volunteers.

The institutional goals adopted by the Board for 2012 are to strengthen relationships with alumni and friends of the college; accentuate positive perceptions of the college; maximize presentation of the college’s website; continue to focus resources to improve student advising and recruitment; and strengthen industry partnerships. The goals were developed with input from the Trustees, administration, faculty and staff.

The Board approved modifications to board policy 619, regarding fringe benefits, as a result of the contract agreement with the college’s faculty. That agreement included an increase in flexible spending account levels and an increase in the college’s contribution to the employees’ tax sheltered annuity account.

The college will offer a new degree beginning this fall as a result of action from the Kansas Board of Regents. The Trustees approved the addition of an Associate of Applied Science in Technical Studies as an option for students in career and technical programs who desire to have a broad aspect of career opportunities. Students will be able to complete course work within a career cluster of similar or related courses and receive the degree upon satisfactory completion of the courses. President Dunn explained that, as an example, a student who is interested in securing employment in production agriculture will be able to take courses in welding, diesel technology, and agriculture and graduate with this degree. Another example is if a student completed coursework in machining, drafting, and welding, the graduate would be well qualified for work in a manufacturing firm. The new option allows the student additional flexibility that had not been available in some career and technical programs which required the majority of courses to be in a specific discipline.

The Board authorized purchasing a control panel, lab supplies, and furniture for the new degree program in corrosion technology which will begin this fall. The Board authorized purchase of a control panel for the simulated corrosion field in the amount of $12,108 from Universal Rectifier, Inc. of Rosenberg, TX, utilizing funds from the federal Title V grant. That field will include a well, buried pipeline, and electrical structures which will enable the simulation of various types of corrosion in the pipeline. The work stations were approved to be purchased from Kansas Contract Design in the amount of $89,544.84. Funding for the work stations is from the federal grant, a contribution to the SCCC/ATS Foundation, and the college’s adult supplemental fund. Additionally, the Board authorized purchase of lab supplies for the corrosion technology lab in the amount of $55,746.45 from Farwest Corrosion Control Company, of Tulsa, OK utilizing federal grant funds. The corrosion program is one of only 3 available in the nation and has been endorsed by area oil and natural gas industry representatives.

The Board also authorized the purchase of fire-rated doors in the main building at the area technical school from Southwest Door and Glass in the amount of $35,700 utilizing PEI bond funds; carpet tiles for the Hobble Academic Building in the amount of $12,270 from Scantlin’s Furniture using general funds; and installation of fiber link to the Hale Court student housing complex in the amount of $ $42,606.93 from Madden Communication utilizing funds from the food service/dormitory system auxiliary enterprise fund.

President Dunn introduced Mr. Dennis Sander as the new dean of finance and operations. Mr. Sander has been working closely with Mr. Tommy Williams, dean of administrative services, as Tommy completes over 30 years of employment at SCCC/ATS. Board chair Ron Oliver expressed the Board’s appreciation to Tommy for his service to the college and the community and for his diligence in assuring the college maintained strong financial operations.

The Board approved employment of Pam Freeman, director of student living center; Christopher Guyer, biology instructor; Michelle Hayes, assistant volleyball coach; Lucinda Henness, health occupations instructor; Dawn Hemphill, nursing instructor; Christopher Hickman, HVACR instructor; Valerie Martin, TRIO academic and career counselor; Sandra Mead, nursing instructor; Jason Sautter, assistant men’s basketball coach; and Debra Stafford, behavioral science instructor. Resignations were accepted from Tracey Stuckey-Gardner, nursing instructor; Dr. Cindy Handley, biology instructor; and Justin Roberts, automotive instructor.

The Board will hold a special board meeting on July 6 to interview applicants for the vacant Trustee position which resulted due to the resignation of Dr. Steve Cauble. Additionally, a special board meeting is scheduled for July 7 to determine changes in the college’s Certificates of Participation for revenue bonds. The changes could result in a saving exceeding $130,000. The next regular meeting of the Board will be on July 18, 2011.
Board of Trustees
Hobble Academic Building, Board Room
7:30 P.M.

I. Call to Order

II. Oath of Office

III. Approval of Minutes of May 2, 2011

IV. Visitor Reports:
..... A.
Board of Trustee Comments
..... B. Introduction of New Employees

V. Old Business

VI. Hearings/Petitions

VII. New Business
..... A. Personnel Report

..... B. Meeting Dates:
.......... a.
Special Meeting regarding Certificates of Participation
.......... b. Trustee Appointment Interviews
.......... c. August and September Regular Board Meetings

..... C. Board Policy Handbook: Series 619: Fringe Benefits

..... D. Strategic Plan: Creating Awareness – Involvement in high schools and communities

..... E. FY2012 Institutional Goals

..... F. Associate of Applied Science in Technical Studies degree

..... G. Bank Resolutions

..... H. Audit Proposal

..... I. FY2012 Budget Planning
.......... a.
Personnel recommendations
.......... b. Capital improvements

..... J. Quote:
.......... a.
Corrosion Technology Pipeline Lab Equipment
.......... b. Fire-rated Doors for “T” Building

..... K. Bids
.......... a.
Corrosion/Process Technology Furniture
.......... b. Corrosion Technology Lab Supplies
.......... c. Flooring in Hobble Academic Building
.......... d. Fiber link to Hale Court

VIII. College Reports:
..... A.
Associate Dean Reed

..... B. Dean Rapp

..... C.
Dean Williams

..... D.
President Dunn

IX. Bills Pending

X. Encumbrances Pending

XI. Other

XII. Executive Session

XIII. Items presented as result of executive session

XIV. Adjourn