Hobble Academic Building, Board Room
7:30 P.M.

I. Call to Order

II. Approval of Minutes of March 2, 2011

III. Visitor Reports:
Board of Trustee Comments

IV. Old Business

V. Hearings/Petitions

VI. New Business
A. Board Policy:
Annual Review of Facilities Use Policy 509 and Fee Schedule

B. Status report on 2010 Kansas Board of Regents performance agreement

C. Program Review:
Medical Laboratory Technician Annual Update

2. Library

D. Administrative Recommendation for Program Status FY2012

E. Strategic plan status report:
1. Diversity:
Identify student issues that may be preventing enrollment.

2. Workforce development: Commit resources to encourage employees to investigate and develop new instructional programs.

3. Technology: A) Increase usage of new technology within college operations; B) Research new technology for Career and Technical Education programs; and, C) Evaluate potential for staff position for on-line course development.

4. Student Learning: A) Expand learning activities with high school, middle school, and elementary schools; B) Evaluate and present report on feasibility of new and enhanced programs; C) Evaluate library usage, space, and future developments for information access including digital access; and, D) Expand course and program offerings including on-line courses.

VII. College Reports:
Associate Dean Reed

B. Dean Rapp

C. Dean Donovan

D. Dean Williams

E. Dr. Dunn

VIII. Bills Pending

IX. Other

X. Executive Session:
Employment of professional employees (faculty) for FY2012 and contract discussions with the Professional Employee Association.

XI. Adjourn