Hobble Academic Building, Board Room
7:30 p.m.

I. Call to Order

II. Approval of Minutes of July 19, 2010

IV. Visitor Reports:
Board of Trustee Comments

V. Old Business
Adoption of Administrative Succession Plan

VI. Hearings/Petitions

VII. New Business

Personnel Report

B. Board policy manual: 2nd Reading of BP Series #428 – Tuberculosis Prevention Plan

C. Adoption of Multijurisdictional Mitigation Plan

D. Bank Resolutions

E. Capital Equipment Requests FY11

F. Establish August 13 Budget Hearing

VIII. College Reports:
Associate Dean Reed

B. Dean Donovan

C. Dean Rapp

D. Dean Williams

E. Dr. Dunn

IX. Bills Pending

X. Close Budget Hearing/Adoption of 2010-2011 Budget

XI. Other

XII. Adjourn
The Seward County Community College/Area Technical School Board of Trustees met on Monday, July 19 for the annual organizational meeting and to authorize publication of the FY2011 budget.
The Board authorized publication of the FY2011 budget of $15,313,316. The budget includes a recommended increase in local tax mil levy of 0.527. This will be a similar mill levy increase from 2009 but is only the second time since 2004 that the mill levy has increased. Due to reduced county assessed valuation the college will realize a decrease in county tax levied by approximately $1,040,000 and a reduction in state aid of approximately $50,000. Dr. Duane Dunn, SCCC/ATS president expressed appreciation to the employees of the college for their commitment to hold budget expenditures and budget proposals to an efficient standard, and the trustees expressed appreciation to Tommy Williams, dean of administrative services, for compiling a budget that reflects consideration of an effective utilization of college resources. The public hearing on the budget will be held on Monday, August 2.
New employees Kylee Harrison, admissions coordinator, and Jay Cyriac, assistant men’s basketball coach were introduced and shared their activities regarding recruiting and preparation for fall semester. The Board approved the personnel report indicating the employment of Veda King as director of nursing/division chair of allied health, and accepted the resignation of Alana Rowland, assistant volleyball coach.
The Board elected Dr. Steve Cauble as chair of the Board for FY2011 and Ron Oliver as vice chair. Board clerk is Dr. Duane Dunn and college treasurer and vice treasurer are Tina Call and Mike Brond, respectively. The Board entered into an agreement with Kerry McQueen to serve as Board counsel and designated the High Plains Daily Leader as the legal publication for the college.
The administrative succession plan was reviewed and approved with modifications to the administrator position descriptions. The succession plan was adopted in the spring semester of 2010 and is reviewed annually in order to address any changes in the college operations and to assure administrative oversight of the college.
Rhonda Kinser, director of the Student Support Services grant, provided a review of the accomplishments of the grant and of activities that have been held for students who are participants in the grant initiative. She indicated that the participating students have met grant objectives in retention and transfer rates. The grant initiatives include tutoring, career advising, cultural awareness activities, and university transfer campus visits. Funds for the program are provided through a federal grant and participating students must meet certain qualifications including being a first generation college student, being a federal Pell grant recipient or another qualifying criteria established by the federal program. SCCC/ATS is completing the fifth year of grant activities and have provided services to over 500 students during that time.
The Board adopted the institutional goals, which address the strategic planning objectives including Employee Development, Creating Awareness of the College; Addressing Diversity; Addressing Student Learning; Addressing Technology; and Addressing Workforce Development. The administrative team will provide quarterly reports to the Board regarding achievement of objectives addressing the institutional goals.
Tommy Williams, dean of administrative services, was designated as compliance officer in the Board’s adoption of the college non-discrimination policy. The policy verifies that the college will not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, age, or disability.
Celeste Donovan, dean of student services, presented a first draft of a tuberculosis prevention plan, which is required by recent legislative action and coordinated through the Kansas Department of Health and Environment. Donovan described the working relationship between the college and the Seward County Health Department in developing the plan and providing screening and assistance to those students who are considered by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment as potential high risk for tuberculosis. This plan is a new requirement for the college and addresses consideration of global concerns with student health.
The Board designated the architectural firms of Bartlett & West and Architecture One of Topeka to develop a master land use and facility plan. The development of the master plan has been a component of the college’s strategic plan and, with the merger of the area technical school in 2009, it has become a priority to address the capacity and technological needs of the college. The process of identifying the architects included a request for proposals, a review of submitted proposals, and interviews of the firms who met the proposal criteria. The Bartlett & West and Architecture One firms submitted a joint proposal and will begin focus group discussions with employees, students, trustees, the SCCC/ATS Foundation, Booster Club, and the public in the process of developing a long-term plan for the college.
The Board approved the construction of a storage building for the Shank Humanities building in the amount of $42,600 through Mid-Plains Construction of Plains, Kansas. The storage building will provide necessary space for the theater and other fine arts departments.
Associate Dean of Educational Services Dale Reed discussed the activities available through Kids College, which will be held during the month of July. The first session began July 19 and the second session will begin July 26. Activities and classes range from chef school and cheerleading to robotics and photography.
Cynthia Rapp, dean of instruction, commended Carmen Sumner, surgical technology instructor/coordinator, for completing the required application for accreditation of the extension courses offered at Manhattan through an online format for the surgical technology program.
Rainbow Players will hold its production of “Bye Bye Birdie” at the Showcase Theater on the SCCC/ATS campus Thursday, Friday, and Saturday July 22, 23, and 24.
The next Board meeting will be at 7:30 p.m., Monday, Aug. 2.
Dunn announced the first Saints Baseball alumni game will be Sept. 4 and will include a home-run derby and alumni game as well as a dinner and auction as a means of developing an alumni base with baseball players.
Hobble Academic Building, Board Room
7:30 P.M.

I. Call to Order

II. Approval of Minutes of June 28, 2010

III. Visitor Reports:
Introduction of New Employees

B. Board of Trustee Comments

IV. Old Business

V. Hearings/Petitions

VI. New Business
Personnel Report

B. Annual Organization of Board:
1. Election of Officers

2. Trustee Committees

C. Administrative Succession Plan and Annual Review of Administrator Position Descriptions

D. Establish Date and Time of September and December Board Meetings

E. SSS Grant Informational Update

F. Adoption of FY2011 Institutional Goals

G. Board Policy Manual:
1. Annual Review of Board Policy Series #114, Policy on Nondiscrimination/ Appointment of Compliance Officer

2. Proposed Board Policy Series #428: Tuberculosis Prevention Plan

H. Agreement to Employ Board Attorney

I. Land Use Master Planning

J. Bid: Storage Building Behind Humanities

K. Quote: Legal Publication of the College

L. Authorization to Publish the Budget

VII. College Reports:
Associate Dean Reed

B. Dean Rapp

Dean Donovan

D. Dean Williams

E. President Dunn

VIII. Final June 2010 Bills

IX. Bills Pending

X. Other

XI. Adjourn