Seward County Community College/Area Technical School will return to fall hours, Monday, Aug. 3.
The campus will open from 7:45 a.m.-4:45 p.m., Monday through Friday.
Students who attend Seward County Community College/Area Technical School in Liberal, Kansas, have an opportunity to stay in on-campus housing.
The college has three facilities: the Student Living Center, The Mansions and Hale Court.
The Student Living Center, which includes traditional-style dorms, is $4,200 for double occupancy for a year. Two bedrooms share one bathroom, with two people per room. The facility includes a computer lab, game room and laundry facilities.
The Mansions are four-bedroom suites, with two bathrooms shared by four bedrooms and a small commons area in each suite. The cost is $4,200 for double occupancy for one year.
Hale Court is $3,200 for double occupancy for a year. There are four bedrooms in each building with 1 bathroom per 2 bedrooms and two people per bedroom. Laundry facilities are available.
Each dorm includes 19 meals per week.
For information, call 620-417-2102 or 1-800-373-9951, ext. 2102.
For those of you who haven’t gotten a chance to check it out yet, here is a link to our NEW Seward County Saints and Lady Saints Athletic Website You will notice the rolling feature story header where the 5 most recent articles will rotate every 5 seconds or so. The athletics calendar where you can see everything that is going on in Seward County sports. The rolling scoreboard located above the calendar that will give you the last 5 completed games scores and if you click on them, the box score to that game. The new search feature in case you are looking for a specific Saint or Lady Saint or you have a different search in mind. The new Saints Twitter feature in which game scores will be updated while the games are going on and as soon as games are finished, and if you wish to do so, you can sign up so that every update is sent to your mobile phone as a text message. The poll section where you can let everyone know how you feel about different SCCC/ATS topics. The new photo gallery feature, illustrated in the facilities section, where you can easily click through pictures of a certain section or game once they begin. Please let me know if you have any ideas for additional features, or things that would help you keep a better track on SCCC/ATS athletics. Enjoy and thank you for your continued support of Seward County Athletics!
Hobble Academic Building, Board Room
7:30 p.m.

I. Call to Order

II. Open Official Budget Hearing

III. Approval of Minutes of July 20, 2009

IV. Visitor Reports:
Board of Trustee Comments
B. Introduction of New Employees

V. Old Business

VI. Hearings/Petitions

VII. New Business

Personnel Report

B. Board policy manual
Board Policy #101: Mission, Philosophy, Purpose
2. Board Policy #106: Public Records

C. Report on Facility Improvements

D. Capital Equipment Requests FY10

E. Quote: Window Replacement at Area Technical School

VIII. College Reports:
Associate Dean Reed
B. Dean Donovan
C. Dean Rapp
D. Dean Williams
E. Dr. Dunn

IX. Bills Pending

X. Close Budget Hearing/Adoption of 2009-2010 Budget

XI. Other

XII. Adjourn

The Seward County Community College/Area Technical School Board of Trustees met Monday, July 20, in a special board meeting to authorize publication of the 2009-10 budget.
The budget includes a 0.51 mil increase to help stabilize uncertain funding from the state of Kansas. The college has reduced or eliminated items due to state budget reductions and in anticipation of future reductions. The college has realized an approximate 20 percent reduction in state aid already and the Governor’s office has indicated another reduction is likely. The college has lowered the mill levy each year since 2005 but, due to reduced state aid and increased operational costs, approved the budget proposal and mil levy increase recommended by the administration.
The board approved the budget, which will be published in the High Plains Daily Leader. The official budget hearing will be Monday, Aug. 3.
The board also approved a clarification in the leave policy for non-faculty employees. The decision was based on the associated costs with providing paid holiday leave during winter break beyond the number of annual leave days provided to employees according to Board policy.
The board hired Diane Miller as a nursing instructor and Justin Morales as the assistant director of Adult Basic Education.
Celeste Donovan, dean of student services, explained the status of enrollment and campus housing. Enrollment continues and individuals are encouraged to enroll either on-line or to contact the admissions office for enrollment procedures on campus. The number of individuals who have submitted information for on-campus housing indicates that housing nearing capacity. Ms. Donovan explained that the housing office is contacting anyone who has expressed an interest in living in the dormitories to complete the housing contract to secure and available space.
The college will hold a surplus auction, Saturday, Aug. 1 on the technical school site, 2215 N. Kansas. Items will include vehicles, desks, chairs, various shop equipment items, and other items, which are no longer used in the instructional classrooms and labs.
The next meeting will be at 7:30 p.m., Monday, Aug. 3 in the board room. Faculty will return Aug. 10 for professional development. New student orientation will be Monday, August 17 and the regular session of evening classes will begin the evening of Aug. 17.
Seward County Community College/Area Technical School has two additional Enrollment Days for students who will be enrolling for the first time for the fall 2009 semester.
Students can sign up for an enrollment day to schedule their summer and fall classes, meet with an academic advisor, meet new classmates and receive information about financial aid, scholarships and housing. All enrollment days are in Room AA137 of the Hobble Academic Building, 1801 N. Kansas, Liberal, Kansas.
Enrollment Days are:
Wednesday, July 29
9 p.m.,, compass testing
1 p.m. Enrollment
Friday, Aug. 14
9 a.m., COMPASS testing;
1 p.m. Enrollment
Other compass test dates include Tuesday, July 28, 1:00 p.m.; Tuesday, Aug. 4, 9:00 a.m.; Wednesday, Aug. 12, 1:00 p.m.; Friday, Aug. 14, 9:00 a.m.; Monday, Aug. 17, 9:00 a.m.; Tuesday, Aug. 18, 1:00 p.m.
If a student chooses to use ACT scores, the scores must be either
sent directly to SCCC/ATS or they must be on an official high school transcript. Students may bring their ORIGINAL scores sent to them by ACT. Copies or faxed copies will NOT be accepted. If ACT scores are not available or if a student took the ACT prior to 2004, the student must take the COMPASS course placement exam.
Pre-register for an enrollment day by going online to, call 620-417-1100 or email
Kids College is under way this week at Seward County Community College/Area Technical School with a wide variety of classes, including robotics. Children can participate in Kids College, July 27-30. Call 620-417-1172.

The United Food Commercial Workers District Union Local Two recently donated $1, 000 to the Seward County Community College Development Foundation.  The gift will be used to benefit the Colvin Adult Learning Center programs such English-as-a-second language instruction, citizenship Classes, adult basic education, and GED preparation.  Pictured are Tammy Doll, SCCC/ATS director of development; and Martin Rosas, UFCW District Union Local two secretary/treasurer.  Many UFCW members take classes at the SCCC/ATS Colvin Center; therefore, the union wanted to support the center’s programs.  Donations to the SCCC Development Foundation support Seward County Community College/Area Technical School.  To make a donation, contact Doll at 620-417-1131.
Seward County #1 tennis player Diego Abreu has chosen to further his career at the New Jersey Institute of Technology where he will finish his Business degree and play for the Highlanders. The Highlanders play as a Division 1 Independent and finished 11-6 last season including a perfect 5-0 mark at home in Newark. NJIT loses 4 players from last year’s team and returns just 3 players all of which the same age as Abreu so he looks to see significant time on the court for them. In his one season at Seward Abreu played in the #1 slot for Coach Darin Workman and the Saints pitting him against some of the best players in the country week in and week out. He had 4 wins in the fall of 2008 and posted a pair of wins during the Spring 2009 season.
After an All-Region Freshman season and a Sophomore year in which she captained her team to their first ever National Tournament, Seward County outfielder Jamie Gilbert has decided to sign and play at McPherson College next season. She will join coach Mike McCormick and a young Lady Bulldog team who had 12 freshman on their roster last season while finishing 8-8, good for 4th place in the KCAC. Gilbert will bring a wealth of experience to the young club after playing in 108 games for the Lady Saints in her two seasons batting .332 while driving in 36 runs and stealing 29 bases in 30 attempts.

As the fall semester of college approaches I encourage anyone who is concerned about the cost of obtaining a degree to consider Seward County Community College/Area Technical School as an affordable opportunity. Transferring an associate’s degree is beneficial and proven to be successful toward completing a bachelor’s degree. Entering a career field after only 1 or 2 years of courses reduces the challenge of high debt. Options provided for transfer or career degrees are readily available, as well as courses designed to improve workplace skills and abilities for a part-time student.
Recently, there have been several news articles about the challenges facing public universities during the current economic situation. The funding structure of universities is quite different than other public entities including unified school districts, technical colleges and community colleges. The university must meet teaching expectations and research expectations that are unique to the culture of a university as well as maintain large campus operations. However, the rising cost of tuition and expenses related to university degrees should not be a deterrent for individuals to seek improved career and education goals.
SCCC/ATS can provide the degree and career opportunities at an affordable cost with highly successful results. The Board of Trustees at SCCC/ATS has provided a consistent tuition rate for the past several years and, in fact, the tuition rate for 2009-10 is the same as it was in 2005-06. The tuition and fees are $62 per credit hour compared to nearly $160 in tuition and fees at most universities. Recent information indicates that the average student could realize approximately $12,000 in savings by completing an associate degree at SCCC/ATS and finishing the bachelor’s degree at one of the public universities. The savings is nearly $40,000 if the individual chooses to finish a degree at a private college. One of the central values of community colleges is to provide access to higher education and affordability is a key component of providing access.
Students who transfer from SCCC/ATS also tend to have a higher grade point average at the end of the junior year than those students who begin at a university directly out of high school. Students typically make decisions related to specific courses and major areas of study during the first and second year of college and that exploration can be effectively done at a lower cost. Additionally, information from ACT, Inc. indicates that, on a national level, universities are realizing a decline in the percentage of students who start as freshmen and return as sophomores, while the rate of returning sophomores at community colleges is increasing. The low cost, small class size, and personal advising provided at SCCC/ATS tends to assist students in greater success at the university level. Students who are pursuing immediate career opportunities in medical careers such as nursing, respiratory therapy, etc. as well as business and industrial careers such as drafting, machining, automotive, diesel, etc. can find the lower cost and practical instruction beneficial to establishing a career without substantial debt.
We are proud of the success of our students and are committed to continuing the success for future students. Strong academics provided at an affordable cost enable anyone to achieve an education designed for transfer or direct employment.
Duane M. Dunn, Ed.D.
Seward County Community College/Area Technical School
1801 N. Kansas
Liberal, Kansas
Deferred maintenance projects at Seward County Community College/Area Technical School funded in FY09 include the new addition to the agricultural building, above, including a wash rack area. In additions, other improvements include brick and sidewalk repair on the main campus; replacement of boiler and chiller; main campus; heating/air/ventilation work, main campus, Colvin and Epworth; replacement of electrical panels; main campus and Epworth; and improvement of the fire alarm system, main campus, Epworth, Colvin, and the area technical school.

The Kansas Department of Revenue provides an opportunity for individual taxpayers as well as business and corporate entities that pay Kansas income tax to benefit by supporting Seward County Community College/Area Technical School. The donors of these funds may be awarded a tax credit equal to 54 percent of their donation upon approval by the Kansas Department of Revenue. Seward County Community College/Area Technical School is able to benefit by utilizing the donations for identified deferred maintenance projects. Funds must be used for campus deferred maintenance items and cannot be used for the purchase of property, construction of student dormitories, or construction of athletic facilities.
Deferred maintenance projects eligible for the use of the funds at SCCC/ATS include ventilation in the welding department, lighting, electrical and plumbing improvements at the area technical school buildings, an addition of a greenhouse to the agriculture building for the ag and science programs, and rebuilding the parking lot at the area technical school, and remodeling the restrooms at the area technical school to meet accessibility requirements. The contribution can be specified for use in a particular project, for any of the projects, or the donor can request the contribution to be applied toward a specific project which is not on the deferred maintenance list. The specified project can be presented to the Board of Trustees for review and approval within the restrictions of the Department of Revenue guidelines.
The Board of Trustees has established a minimum contribution of $500 to the college for deferred maintenance projects that would qualify for participation in the tax credit program. The legislation provides an opportunity for donors to participate through calendar tax year 2012, with new credits each of the calendar tax years.
Dr. Duane Dunn, SCCC/ATS president, explained that the college is excited about the program providing tax benefits to the donor as well as an incentive for the donor to support SCCC/ATS. The tax credit can be a great opportunity at a time when everyone is looking for opportunities to reduce expenditures. “Our college is entering 40 years of offering classes and the campus, while well maintained, can benefit from the credits. The recent merger of the area technical school also requires us to address the maintenance and repairs to those facilities. The identified projects are important for safety and upgrades to the technical school buildings.”
An example of how the contribution might provide a benefit to the taxpayer is if the taxpayer makes a $1,000 contribution to SCCC/ATS he/she receives a state tax credit in the amount of $54. The taxpayer may be eligible to deduct a maximum of $460 as a charitable donation on the federal return and would receive a $540 Kansas tax credit to be applied against their state tax liability.
Individuals, corporations, and non-profit entities are encouraged to contact Tommy Williams, Dean of Administrative Services at Seward County Community College/Area Technical School, 620-417-1018 or or their individual tax advisor for more information.
Hobble Academic Building, Board Room
12:00, Noon

I. Call to Order

II. Approval of Minutes of July 6, 2009

III. Visitor Reports:
Board of Trustee Comments

IV. Old Business

V. Hearings/Petitions

VI. New Business
Personnel Report

B. Clarification of Board Policy 619 - Fringe Benefits

C. Authorization to Publish Budget

VII. College Reports:
Associate Dean Reed
B. Dean Rapp
C. Dean Donovan
D. Dean Williams
E. Dr. Dunn

VIII. Other

IX. Adjourn
Two Seward County Lady Saints stood out in star-studded events this weekend as Rachel Barnes was in Florida at the NJCAA Coach’s Association All-Star Game in Pensacola while Megan Lassley was at the College Coach’s Network All-Star Game in Tulsa. Barnes score 33 points in her two games at the event designed to host the country’s top 35 players. She scored 11 in her first game and then led all scorers with 22 in the second contest. Lassley was her usual self in the College Coach’s Network Top 120 event as she divvied up 23 assists to her teammates in a three game span. The Lady Saints sparkplug had 3 points and 8 assists in her first game, 5 and 7 in her second, and 4 and 8 in her third game. These two Lady Saints will look to take Head Coach Toby Wynn and Seward County one step further and into the National Tournament this season as they open their regular season in just under 4 months at the Pepsi Classic in Liberal.
Seward County sophomore center fielder Keegan Morrow and infielder Kade Kauk have signed their National Letters of Intent to continue their playing careers at four year schools this week. Morrow, a speedster from Oklahoma City has signed to with the 2008 Division 2 National Champions Mount Olive College in Mount Olive, North Carolina. Morrow will look to get the Trojans back to national prominence in 2010 after they took the National Championship with a 58-6 record in 08’ before going 33-18 last season. Keegan hit .352 for the Saints in 2009 following up an All-Conference Freshman campaign in 2008. The southpaw was 4th on the Saints in batting average, doubles, and triples this season while pacing the running game with 13 steals. Fellow Oklahoman Kade Kauk has also made his college choice as he will stay closer to home and attend the University of Central Oklahoma in Edmond. He will join a Bronchos squad that went .500 in Lone Star Conference play this season and narrowly missed the conference tournament in Abeline. Kauk batted .244 for the Saints in 2009 after hitting at a .288 clip as a freshman in 2008. He finished his Seward County career with 6 doubles, 2 home runs, and 15 RBI’s. The duo now brings the Saints to 9 players that have signed to continue their playing careers next season.
With just over three months until the Seward County Lady Saints basketball team will hit the court for their 2009-2010 season, Head Coach Toby Wynn has “just about” wrapped up his recruiting class for the year. Five graduated seniors have signed on the dotted line with the Lady Saints for the upcoming season including Sumr Robinett, Morgan Skomal, Kendra Spresser, Kameri Turner, and Tameka Sanchez.
Sumr Robinett is a 5’11 forward from Sublette and should help fill some of the void left by University of Arizona signee Amanda Pierson from last season’s team. “Sumr is a very good athlete who can really jump, score inside, and run the court. I am really looking forward to watching her grow as a player and improving her game” Coach Toby Wynn said.
Morgan Skomal is a 5’10 wing player from Haven that will give the Lady Saints some extra versatility this season. “Morgan is someone that can play a variety of positions. She is a very high energy person and plays extremely hard. Her ability to step out and shoot the 3pt. shot will be a big asset to her game” Wynn said.
Kendra Spresser joins the Lady Saints program from Hoxie and is a 5’6 guard. Although she was one of Wynn’s later signees, he contends that Seward found a diamond in the rough on this one. “We are very fortunate to get Kendra in our program as she was a late signee. Kendra is a great athlete can play multiple positions, shoot the basketball, and really score. She has great upside to her game and will fit in very well here” the 5th year Head Coach said.
Kameri Turner will stay close to home and play for the gals in green this season as she joins the Lady Saints from Perryton High School. Turner is a 5’8 guard and brings a multidimensional game to the Greenhouse for the upcoming season. Wynn said of the former Rangerette “Kameri is going to be a very good addition to our team. She can really shoot the ball and score. Her athleticism also allows her to get to the basket and create her own shot.”
Tameka Sanchez chose Seward County after an All-WAC season at Liberal High School. The 5’6 guard bring extreme athleticism and flexibility to coach Wynn and the Lady Saints for the 2009-2010 season. Wynn said of Sanchez “Tameka is excellent defender who can guard multiple positions on the court. She is a very athletic girl that can run and will fit in well with our style of play. Her work ethic is very good as well and that will allow her to improve her game in all areas.”
These five new Lady Saints will team up with seven returning players from last year’s Region VI runners-up as they try to return to the NJCAA National Tournament for the second time in four seasons. Seward County will participate in pre-season scrimmages in October before suiting up for keeps on November 6th in the Pepsi Classic to open their regular season against Hesston College.
Three more Seward County Saints Baseball sophomores have decided on their future plans as outfielder Mikel Huston, infielder Trent Martinez, and pitcher Kevin Schultz have signed their national letters of intent to continue their playing careers at four year universities. Huston a native of Greeley, Colorado will play in the Big East Conference next season for Coach Brian Cleary and the University of Cincinnati. The Bearcats finished the season 29-29 last season and will undoubtedly benefit from having Huston’s bat in their lineup next season. The sophomore outfielder hit a team hit .417 this season for the Saints while lacing 13 doubles, 3 triples, and 4 home runs while producing an OPS of over 1.000. Martinez finished his Seward career having played in 93 games and compiling a .285 batting average. He drove in 47 runs in his two seasons with the Saints and smashed out 28 extra base hits. He will head South to Corpus Christi where he will play for the Islanders next season at Texas A&M Corpus Christi next season in the Southland Conference. Schultz will head to NAIA power University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma next season. He will join a Drovers team who won a school record 37 games in 2008 and broke 23 USAO records. Head Coach Mike Ross will welcome Schultz in his first season after replacing legendary coach LJ Powell who retired after 12 years with USAO.
Seward County CC Baseball signee Jace Moore has found his way from tiny Moscow, Kansas to the pages of the most notable sports magazine in the world. The Moscow graduate found his mug shot in the June 29th issue of Sports Illustrated magazine in the “Faces in the Crowd” section, which focuses on amateur athletes in the US. Moore was noted for his 9-0 season record with the Wildcats in 2009 as well as for his power lifting state championship that he captured at the 181 lb weight this year. Moore will join Hall of Fame Coach Galen McSpadden and the Saints in August when they begin practice for their 2010 campaign. To check out Moore in last week’s SI CLICK HERE or pick up the June 29th magazine on newsstands.
The NJCAA has announced that the Seward County CC Men’s Tennis Team has been named the NJCAA National Academic Champions by compiling a 3.39 team GPA, the highest of any team in the nation. This is the 2nd time that the Saints have won this prestigious award in the decade as they also captured the title in 2002. Along with the Saints Tennis team receiving this award, three other Seward County athletic teams finished in the nation’s top 15. Women’s Tennis finished 9th, Women’s Basketball 12th, and Baseball 13th as well as Volleyball 18th.
Seward County Community College/Area Technical School Athletic Director Galen McSpadden has announced that a total of 99 students-athletes passed an average of 16.75 hours with an overall GPA of 3.21 for the Spring 2009 semester. Sixty student-athletes made the Athletic Director’s Honor Roll with nine receiving a perfect 4.0 GPA. Attached is a list of student-athletes who have made the Spring 2009 Athletic Director’s Honor Roll. To qualify, a student-athlete must have passed a minimum of 12 hours with a 3.0 (or higher) grade point average. There were also 39 students from the athletic support teams who passed an average of 14.08 hours with a combined 3.05 GPA for the semester. Eighteen made the Athletic Director’s Honor Roll with four receiving a perfect 4.0 GPA.
The Seward County Community College/Area Technical School Board of Trustees met Monday, July 6, to prepare for the 2009-10 school year.
Officers selected for 2009-10 include Jo Ann Sharp, board chair; Ron Oliver, vice chair; Dr. Duane Dunn, board clerk/secretary; Tina Call, college treasurer; and Mike Brond, assistant treasurer.
Committee responsibilities include Sharp, Association of Community College Trustees representative; Oliver, Alumni Association; Dr. Steve Cauble, AQIP Steering Team; Oliver, Sharp, Deb Weilert and legal counsel, board policy; Marvin Chance Jr. and Dustin Ormiston, budget/finance; Sharon Hobble, Sharp, foundation representative and alternate; Hobble, Ormiston and legal counsel, insurance committee; Chance and Cauble, interim board; Chance, Cauble and Sharp as Kansas Association of Community College Trustees delegate and alternates; and Cauble, Seward County Council of Governments.
The board approved the use of the State Fiscal Stabilization Funds/Education Stabilization Fund for deferred maintenance projects totaling $238,710. Among the projects are window replacements, restroom renovations and repairs and safety improvements, including eye wash stations, on the technical school site and ventilation in the ceramics lab and renovations to SU214 E/W on the main campus. The president was directed to execute the contract.
In light of budget cuts for the 2009-10 school year, the college has reduced travel budgets, hospitality budgets and equipment requests for the upcoming year. Additionally, the college has also reduced supplemental contracts for faculty/staff and placed a hiring freeze on division secretaries, admissions and custodial/maintenance personnel. The use of the Citrix virtual computer labs will also save the college money as well as close monitoring of overtime and compensatory time. President Dunn reviewed the state budget reductions and the impact of anticipated further reductions in state appropriations. Currently the reductions have totaled over $500,000 in state aid with a potential of additional reductions over $150,000. That accounts for nearly a 20 percent reduction in total state aid to SCCC/ATS from the original FY2009 appropriation.
The college also will suspend the policy on Professional Development Grants for one year and modify the Well Pay Policy to $50 per day for one year to reduce the impact on the budget.
Associate Dean of Educational Services, Dale Reed, provided information on the upcoming “Kids College” schedule. Those activities will begin July 20 with two sessions each week. Parents can contact the Office of Business & Industry for enrollment information, 620-417-1170.
Celeste Donovan, dean of student services, discussed upcoming enrollment days and the status of enrollment in various programs and classes. Enrollment is open in all programs and the next regular enrollment day will be July 15. She also explained a new initiative to determine the impact and reasons of students who pre-enroll but do not attend classes.
Tommy Williams, dean of administrative services, told the board that the college is anticipating a 0.5 mill levy increase.
The Saints Tennis Team was commended for their recognition as the top academic tennis team in the nation through the National Junior College Athletic Association.
In other action, the board
1. Hired Matthew Pannkuk, as the library director, and Michael Paden as the Natural Gas Technology instructor;
2. Accepted the resignation of Kim Ortega, assistant women’s basketball coach;
3. Approved modifications to board policy 203 regarding the date of the July board meeting;
4. Approved continuation of the Policy on Nondiscrimination/Appointment of Compliance Officer and authorized publication as a legal notice in the Southwest Times, the Liberal Light and the High Plains Daily Leader;
5. Approved suspending Policy 605 for any new professional development grants for the 2009-10 school year;
6. Designated the High Plains Daily Leader as the legal publication for the college;
7. Approved the Facility Use Fee Schedule without any changes for the 2008-09 school year;
8. Approved the 2009-10 agreement to employee the law firm as Sharp McQueen, P.A. as legal counsel at $1,875 per month, the same rate as 2008-09;
9. Approved the three year (2010-12) performance agreement for submission to the Kansas Board of Regents;
10. Changed the September board meeting to 7:30 p.m., Tuesday, Sept. 8 due to the Labor Day holiday.
11. Approved the bid from Flooring America of Liberal in the amount of $43,377.82 to replace floors in the area technical school hallways, student lounge and student living units.
A special board meeting will be at 12 noon, Monday, July 20, 2009.

Student Housing Manager James Davis at Seward County Community College/Area Technical School has named the resident assistants for the 2009,10 school year.
Resident assistants are Kelby Tomlinson, Elgin, Okla.; Jared Wagner, Danville, Calif.; Adam Mendenhall, Dodge City; Carlos Souza, Curitiba, Brazil; Dominique Lee, Mesquite, Texas; Maricela Alvarado, Hugoton; Adriann D'Amico, Piedmont, Mo; and Rachel Barnes, Windsor, Ct.
Region 5 Representative of the National Council of Instructional Administrators Leann Ellis presents Seward County Community College representatives with an award for Curriculum Innovation, a part of the 20th Annual Exemplary Initiatives Competition. From left are Ellis, Cynthia Rapp, SCCC/ATS dean of instruction; English Instructors Dale Doll and Bill McGlothing; and Dr. Duane Dunn, president. The college won for its piece on “Nowhere to Run, Nowhere to Hide: Changing Campus Culture by Assessing Writing Across the Curriculum.” The winning entry, an article describing the SCCC/ATS Writing Assessment Process, was submitted by McGlothing and Doll. The group was recognized at the Sixth Academy for Instructional Administrators.

Seward County Community College/Area Technical School has scheduled a two more Enrollment Days for students who will be enrolling for the first time for the fall 2009 semester.
Students can sign up for an enrollment day to schedule their summer and fall classes, meet with an academic advisor, meet new classmates and receive information about financial aid, scholarships and housing. All enrollment days are in Room AA137 of the Hobble Academic Building, 1801 N. Kansas, Liberal, Kansas.
The next enrollment day is Wednesday, July 15: 9 a.m., enrollment; 9 a.m., COMPASS testing; 1 p.m., enrollment
Enrollment Day for the technical programs will be Thursday, July 16:
9 a.m., enrollment; 9 a.m., COMPASS testing; 1 p.m., enrollment
If a student chooses to use ACT scores, the scores must be either
sent directly to SCCC/ATS or they must be on an official high school transcript. Students may bring their ORIGINAL scores sent to them by ACT. Copies or faxed copies will NOT be accepted. If ACT scores are not available or if a student took the ACT prior to 2004, the student must take the COMPASS course placement exam.
COMPASS testing is Wednesday, July 15, 9 a.m.; Thursday, July 16, 9 a.m.; Monday, July 20, 10 a.m., Tuesday, July 28, 1:00 p.m.; Tuesday, Aug. 4, 9 a.m.; Wednesday, Aug. 12, 1 p.m.; Friday, Aug. 14, 9 a.m.; Monday, Aug. 17, 9 a.m.; and Tuesday, Aug. 18, 1 p.m.
Pre-register for an enrollment day by going online to, call 620-417-1100 or email
Hobble Academic Building, Board Room
7:30 P.M.

I. Call to Order

II. Approval of Minutes of June 22, 2009

III. Visitor Reports:
Board of Trustee Comments

IV. Old Business

V. Hearings/Petitions

VI. New Business
Personnel Report

B. Amendments to Board policy 203 – By-laws

C. Annual Organization of Board
Election of Officers
2. Trustee Committees

D. Board Policy Manual
Annual Review of Board Policy Series #114, Policy on Nondiscrimination/ Appointment of Compliance Officer
2. Suspension of Policy 605 – Professional Development Grant
3. Modification to #627 - Well-Pay

E. Designation of Legal Publication

F. Annual review of Facility Use Fee Schedule

G. Agreement to employ board attorney

H. Kansas Board of Regents 2010-2012 performance agreement

I. Authorization of use of State Fiscal Stabilization Fund/Education Stabilization Fund

J. Review of budget planning for FY2010

K. Establish date and time of September Board meeting

L. Bids: Flooring for ATS main building hallway and student lounge, and Hale Court student living units

VII. College Reports:
A. Associate Dean Reed
B. Dean Rapp
C. Dean Donovan
D. Dean Williams
E. Dr. Dunn

VIII. Bills Pending
Final FY09 Encumbrances
B. June FY09 Bills

IX. Other

X. Adjourn

Instructor Travess Funk showed students techniques used in the Surgical Technology program during the the Health Careers Summer Camp at Seward County Community College/Area Technical School. Pictured are Funk, Dezire Scheurman, and Mariah Fredrickson.

Allied health programs at Seward County Community College/Area Technical School in Liberal, Kansas, held a Health Careers Summer Camp in June with Dezire Scheuerman, Texhoma High School; Mariah Fredrickson, Hugoton High School; and Marissa Larson, Bradley Benson, and Amanda Collins, all from Liberal High School attending.
Focus areas included Respiratory Therapy, Surgical Technology, Nursing, Medical Laboratory Technician, and Medical Assistant. The students were certified in CPR and also participated in the SCCC/ATS Outdoor Challenge Ropes course to promote team-building skills and enhance communication skills. The student evaluations were very positive and all indicated that their awareness of allied health professions and the local programs available at SCCC/ATS to prepare for these professions were enhanced by their participation in the camp. The SCCC/ATS Allied Health Division plan to make the summer camp an annual event.
Students can still enroll for fall in each of these programs. Call 620-417-1400.

Seward County Community College/Area Technical School will offer a Conceal and Carry class through Business & Industry from 8 a.m.-5 p.m., Saturday, July 18 in SU214 E/W, 1801 N. Kansas in Liberal.
The cost is $100 per class and is the mandatory training that is required to carry a concealed handgun. Enroll in advance only by calling 620-417-1170 or

Twenty-four students recently completed their requirements in the Practical Nursing program at Seward County Community College/Area Technical School, Liberal, Kansas.
Graduates are Mirella Buchman, Maria Gabriela Chavez, Micaela Jean Luck, Jose M. Maldonado, Chelsea Pipkin, Amanda Mae Sallaska and Brandy D. Tran, all of Liberal; Josiah Stephen Cervantes and Jamie West, Kismet; Erica DeSantos and Melissa Beth House, both of Elkhart; Ruth Edwards, Ulysses; Melissa A. Glass, Amy P. Hanning-Wright, and Marla Sims Newton, all of Perryton, Texas; Brie Nicole Heaton, Raquel Reyes, and Yolidia Villezcas, Hugoton; Leah M. Hillman, Guymon, Okla.; Farrah Renee Robinson, Tyrone, Okla.; Quianne Schmidt, Meade; Allison Lee Stokes, Moscow; Tammie Jeane Thompson, Turpin, Okla.; and Nichole S. Varner, Rolla. Sallaska graduated Summa Cum Laude; Cervantes and Glass graduated Magna Cum Laude; and Thompson and Tran, Cum Laude.
Although the Practical Nursing program is full for the fall, the Nursing program is accepting application for the two-year associate degree nursing. Call 620-417-1400 or email

Seward County Community College/Area Technical School is offering a number of summer enrichment courses for students entering grades 1-7. Session 1 is July 20-23 and session II is July 27-30. Classes are offered 8-10 a.m. or 10:15-12:15 p.m.
Classes this year are Archery, Challenge Course, Cheerleading, Creative Crafts, Digital Photography, Fun Food, Fun with Hip Hop, Geocaching, Indoor Sports, Introduction to Robotics, NASCAR Soap Box Derby Cars, Puppy/Dog Training, Puzzle Pizzazz, Simple Ceramics, Simple Snacks, Sticker Art and Swimming Lessons. Each class is $25, except for NASCAR, which is $50.
Anyone enrolled in Kids College can have pizza and swim from 12:30-2:15 p.m., July 23 and July 30.
Call 620-417-1170 or come by the Office of Business & Industry, Student Activities Center, 1801 N. Kansas in Liberal to enroll.

Seward County Community College/Area Technical School is offering a number of short courses in July and August.
Cake Decorating/Advanced will be offered from 7-10 p.m., Thursdays, July 23-Aug. 20. The cost is $40.
Certified Medication Aide is offered from 2-10 p.m., Mondays and Tuesdays, July 13-Aug. 5. The cost is $350.
Certified Nurse Aide is offered from 2-10 p.m., Mondays and Tuesdays, Aug. 10-Sept. 8. The cost is $400.
Commercial Driver License Seminar is offered from 8 a.m.-4 p.m., Saturday, July 18. The cost is $50.
Defensive Driving Course Seminar is offered from 8 a.m.-4 p.m., Saturday, July 25.
For information, call or email 620-417-1173 or All classes are held at 2215 N. Kansas in Liberal.