Seward County Community College/Area Technical School is able to benefit from a tax credit program offered through the Kansas Department of Revenue. The college can benefit by donations for identified deferred maintenance projects, and the individual donor benefits through reductions in their tax liability. The donors of these funds may be awarded a tax credit equal to 60 percent of their donation upon approval by the Kansas Department of Revenue. Funds must be used for campus deferred maintenance items and cannot be used for the purchase of property, construction of student dormitories, or construction of athletic facilities.
Deferred maintenance projects eligible for the use of the funds at SCCC/ATS include air handling system; fire alarm system; boiler/chiller replacement; electrical system upgrades; concrete/sidewalk repairs; and expansion of the ag building for wash rack renovation. However, if a donor is interested in contributing toward a specific project, which is not on the deferred maintenance list, that project can be presented to the Board of Trustees for review and approval within the restrictions of the Department of Revenue guidelines.
The Board of Trustees has established a minimum contribution of $500 to the college for deferred maintenance projects that would qualify for participation in the tax credit program. The legislation provides an opportunity for donors to participate through calendar tax year 2012, with new credits each of the calendar tax years.
Dr. Duane Dunn, SCCC/ATS president, explained that the college is excited that individuals, corporations, and non-profit entities have a newly created method of supporting SCCC/ATS, and this new method also provides the contributor with a generous tax incentive. “While our campus has been well maintained through the commitment of the Board of Trustees and support of individuals and the public, we also recognize that our ability to expand and renovate certain aspects of our campus is limited,” said Dunn. “The tax credit program will enable us to pursue opportunities such as additions to facilities and campus infrastructure repairs including lighting, energy efficiency items, and safety systems; and many facility needs at the technical school buildings.”
An example of how the contribution might provide a benefit to the taxpayer is if the taxpayer makes a $1,000 contribution to SCCC/ATS he/she receives a state tax credit in the amount of $600. The taxpayer may be eligible to deduct a maximum of $400 as a charitable donation on the federal return and would receive a $600 Kansas tax credit to be applied against their state tax liability.
Individuals, corporations, and non-profit entities are encouraged to contact Tommy Williams, Dean of Administrative Services at Seward County Community College/Area Technical School, 620-417-1018 or or their individual tax advisor for more information.
The Drama Department at Seward County Community College/Area Technical School has named its play cast for the upcoming production of “Fools” by Neil Simon.
The cast includes Anthony Arnold of Woodward, Okla., as Leon Tolchinsky, the teacher; Derek Fuller of Turpin, Okla., as Snetsky, the sheep herder; Josh Hinton of Liberal as the magistrate and his son, Jacob, as the sheep; Ron Garverick of Liberal as Slovitch, the butcher; Matt Teel of Liberal as Mishkin the postman; Claudia Rivero of Scott City as Yenchna, the vendor; Logan Michael Green of Meade as Dr. Zubritsky; Jennifer Knox of Liberal as Lenya Zubritsky, his wife; Kristen Walter ob Liberal as Sophia Zubritsky, the daughter; Gary Collins of Liberal as Count Gregor Yousekevitch; and Diana Askew of Hugoton as the village witch.
“Fools” will be presented Nov. 21-22 in the Showcase Theater.
Seward County Community College/Area Technical School President Scholar Stephanie Boaldin works on the display of auction items for the 14th annual SCCC Development Foundation Scholarship Auction scheduled for Saturday, Sept. 20 at the Seward County Event Center on the fairgrounds. Tickets are only available in advance. For ticket information, call 620-417-1131 or come by the college at 1801 N. Kansas in Liberal. Proceeds from the auction benefit Seward County Community College/Area Technical School students. Boaldin is the presidential scholar from Elkhart, Kansas.

The Seward County Community College/Area Technical School Library is displaying “Amelia Earhart: Taking Flight in Kansas throughout September.
The display, produced by the Kansas Historical Society, explores Amelia’s life in Kansas as a child and offers a glimpse at her passion for flying, women’s issues, and aviation safety. New accounts detail her disappearance on July 2, 1937.
For more information, contact Jon Noland, library director, 620-417-1161 or