The Seward County Community College Board of Trustees Monday reviewed a proposal to participate in a statewide facility evaluation project, discussed the accreditation process and closed out the 2006-07 school year.

The Kansas Association of Community College Trustees (KACCT) is interested in participating in a study that would identify facility needs among all 19 Kansas community colleges, Board Member Marvin Chance, Jr., SCCC's KACCT representative, told the board. If approved, all of the community colleges would jointly hire a company to visit each of the participating institutions and conduct an independent needs assessment of all facilities. This information would then be presented to the Kansas Board of Regents and, ultimately, the Kansas legislature for additional funding from the state for facility improvements. KACCT has encouraged the colleges to participate in order to align this study with the Board of Regents' current study on facility needs of the university campuses.

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